Glade Residences


Circumferential Road 1, Brgy. Balabago, Jaro Iloilo City

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License: DHSUD PLS No. 06-096


Discover your peaceful sanctuary at Glade Residences by SMDC. Located at Circumferential Road 1, Brgy. Balabago, Jaro Iloilo City, this exceptional residential development offers a perfect blend of tranquility and modern living.


  • Adult Swimming Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Grand Gateway
  • Lobby Lounges
  • Function Area
  • Kid’s Zone
  • Multi-purpose Hall
  • Covered Basketball Court
  • Linear Parks
  • Green Link


Glade Residences Outdoor Gym (Open Lawn Area)
Glade Residences Outdoor Gym (Open Lawn Area) (1)
Glade Residences Linear Park 1
Glade Residences Kiddie Pool
Glade Residences Jogging Path
Glade Residences Grand Lobby
Glade Residences Grand Lobby 3
Glade Residences Grand Lobby 2
Glade Residences Grand Gateway ( Gate and Guardhouse)
Glade Residences Covered Basketball Court
Glade Residences ClubHouse
Glade Residences Lap Pool (Adult Pool)

Beyond Ordinary Living: A Deep Dive into Glade Residences by SMDC
Glade Residences

In the heart of Jaro, Iloilo City, serenity finds its perfect abode at Glade Residences by SMDC. This exceptional residential haven, strategically located on Circumferential Road 1, Brgy. Balabago, seamlessly blends tranquility with modern living. That is to say, our residence is not just a housing complex; it’s a testament to SMDC’s commitment to crafting spaces that redefine the way we live. So, as you step into our residences, the first thing that captures your attention is the harmonious integration of nature-inspired elements with contemporary design. Join us on a journey through this tranquil oasis, where we signifies not just a place to live but a lifestyle to experience.

Tranquility Meets Modern Living at Glade Residences

Description of the Unique Blend

At Glade Residences in Jaro, Iloilo City, living is a special mix of calm and modern comfort. For instance, picture this place as a carefully crafted artwork where nature and modern design join hands, creating a home that feels like no other. So, as you explore us, it’s not just about how it looks – it’s about how it feels. The unique blend isn’t just about pretty structures; it’s about an atmosphere that wraps you in peace and makes every day a bit brighter.

Importance of Location in Enhancing Tranquility

Why does Glade Residences feel so peaceful? Well, it’s not just luck – it’s where it is. Tucked away in Brgy. Balabago on Circumferential Road 1, this place is a bit like a hidden treasure. Also, the location wasn’t chosen by accident; it was picked to give you a break from the noise of the city. Here, you get the best of both worlds – a quiet spot that’s still close enough to schools and shops. So, you’re not just finding a home; you’re finding peace in a busy world.

Accessibility to Modern Conveniences

You might be thinking, “Is Glade Residences too far from everything?” Not at all. Even though it’s peaceful, it’s not stuck in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, living here means you’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from things you need, like stores and schools. We aren’t about sacrificing convenience for calmness; it’s about having both. So, when you want a bit of quiet time, it’s right there. And when you need to grab groceries or get the kids to school, it’s not a big deal. Glade Residences gives you tranquility without the travel hassle.

Amenities at Glade Residences

Introduction to the Array of Amenities

At Glade Residences, we’re not just giving you a place to live – we’re crafting a community that’s all about making your everyday life awesome. For isntance imagine a bunch of cool stuff right at your doorstep, meant to make you happy, relaxed, and connected. Let’s check out what makes living here more than just a roof over your head.

Dive into Each Amenity:

Adult Swimming Pool

Think of this like your private chill zone. The adult swimming pool is where you can relax, cool off, and just enjoy some peace. So, it’s like having a personal retreat right in your backyard.

Kiddie Pool

This one’s for the little ones. The kiddie pool is not just a place to splash around – it’s where the kids can have a blast and create awesome childhood memories. Also, it’s like a mini water wonderland.

Grand Gateway at Glade Residences

When you step through our grand gateway, it’s not just an entrance; it’s like walking into a fancy world. The commencement of your journey unfolds a home that transcends mere space, evolving into an encounter with opulence and coziness.

Lobby Lounges

Our lobby lounges aren’t just fancy waiting areas. In other words, they’re warm and welcoming spots where you can hang out, chat with neighbors, and feel the good vibes of our community.

Function Area

Need a place for a birthday bash or a community meeting? Our function area is more than just a room; it’s like having a party hub right downstairs, making celebrations and gatherings a breeze.

Kid’s Zone

This is the kids’ special place. To clarify, it’s not just a play area; it’s like a little kingdom where they can play, make friends, and just be kids. A neighborhood nestled inside our larger community.

Multi-purpose Hall

Our multi-purpose hall isn’t limited to a single purpose; instead, it’s a versatile space capable of transforming for various needs, be it fitness classes, meetings, or celebrations. In other words, it’s a room that adapts to what you need.

Covered Basketball Court

Think of this as more than just a court. It’s where you can shoot hoops, have fun, and stay active. Therefore, it’s like having your own sports corner, encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Linear Parks

Our linear parks are more than just green areas. They’re like mini oases where you can take a peaceful stroll, go for a jog, or just chill surrounded by nature. So, it’s like having a bit of calm in the middle of everything.

Green Link

The Green Link isn’t just a fancy name. It’s like a cool bridge connecting different parts of our community. More than a mere connection, it represents the seamless integration of nature into our everyday existence.

The Unique Appeal of Each Amenity at Glade Residences

What makes us special is that every single thing here has a purpose. It’s not just about having cool stuff; it’s about how each one makes your life better. So, we thought about what you need and made sure every amenity adds a bit of awesome to your day.

How Amenities Foster Community Living

Our amenities are not just about stuff; they’re about people. It’s where we all come together, whether it’s chatting by the pool or playing a game at the court. That is to say, living at our residence isn’t just about having a place; it’s about having a home where the community feels like family.

The Glade Residences Experience

Architectural Design and Its Contribution

The Glade Residences experience is like having a home that’s more than just walls and ceilings. It’s about living in a place where everything is planned to make you feel cozy and modern. To clarify, our architects didn’t just draw lines; they created spaces with big windows, a smooth flow, and a touch of elegance. Your home is not just a space; it’s a piece of art that you get to live in.

Seamless Transition between Amenities

Ever been in a place where everything just feels right? That’s what living with us like. Moving from one cool thing to another is easy, like taking a stroll through a friendly neighborhood. Beyond possessing enjoyable amenities, the essence lies in the ease of transitioning from a refreshing pool swim to engaging in a basketball game. It’s like an adventure right inside your own home.

Integration of Nature through Linear Parks and Green Link

What makes us special is how we bring nature into your daily life. That is to say, our parks aren’t just green spaces; they’re like peaceful spots right outside your door. For instance, picture taking a nice walk or just sitting and enjoying the fresh air. It’s not just about having a park; it’s about having a bit of nature whenever you want it. And the Green Link? It’s like a natural bridge connecting different parts of our community. More than a mere walkway, it serves as the avenue through which nature seamlessly integrates into your daily routine, transforming our residences into not merely a residence but a comforting haven in the city.

How the Glade Residences Experience Enhances Daily Living

Living at Glade Residences is not just following a routine; it’s waking up in a place where the design is comfy, moving around is easy, and nature is always there. The design isn’t just something pretty; it makes your life better. Going from one cool thing to another is not a task; it’s like a little adventure. Also, the parks and Green Link aren’t just extras; they’re like your instant connection to the outdoors, making every day feel fresh.

Living with us is about more than just having a place to live; it’s about enjoying a lifestyle where design, ease, and nature come together to make your life better. Beyond being a mere dwelling, it embodies a lifestyle that infuses delight into your daily existence.

Convenience in Every Corner at Glade Residences

Location’s Role in Convenience

Living at Glade Residences is like having a cozy nest in the heart of Jaro, Iloilo City. So, it’s not just an address; it’s a spot chosen to make life super easy for you. Imagine being close enough to everything you need but just far enough to escape the city noise. The location is like the starting point of your daily adventures with us.

Proximity to Essential Services, Schools, and Shopping Centers

When we say “convenience,” we mean making life simpler. At Glade Residences, it’s not just that you’re near essential services – you’re practically neighbors. Need groceries? There’s a store nearby. Kids off to school? It’s a short ride. Planning a shopping trip? You won’t be stuck in traffic for ages. So, it’s not just about being close; it’s about having what you need right around the corner. Also, convenience here isn’t a luxury; it’s just how we do things.

The Symbolism behind the Grand Gateway

Now, let’s chat about the Grand Gateway. That is to say, it’s not just a fancy entrance; think of it as your community’s front door. You know how they say first impressions matter? Well, the Grand Gateway is our way of saying, “Welcome to a place where things are fancy but also easy.” It’s not just about walking through; it’s about stepping into a space where every step feels important. The gateway isn’t just a structure; it’s like a sign saying, “Life here is a mix of classy and comfy.”

Safety and Easy Fixes at Glade Residences

But let’s not forget that convenience is more than just location and cool entrances. It’s also about feeling safe and secure. Our community isn’t just a bunch of houses; it’s a place where they take keeping you safe seriously. Well-lit paths and good surveillance are like our way of saying, “We’ve got your back.” And when things need fixing, it’s not just about repairs; it’s about having a team that’s quick to make sure everything runs smoothly. Convenience isn’t just about big stuff; it’s about little things making your life easy.

What’s Coming Next?

Oh, and guess what? We’re always thinking about how to make things even better. Future plans aren’t just ideas; they’re our way of saying, “We’re growing with you.” Whether it’s adding more cool stuff, making green spaces better, or keeping things even safer, we’re not just looking at today; we’re making tomorrow better for you.

To sum up, convenience at Glade Residences isn’t just a fancy promise; it’s a way of life. It’s about being in the right place, having what you need nearby, and feeling safe in a community designed to make your life comfy. Also, living here isn’t just easy; it’s like having everyday life on easy mode.

What Sets Glade Residences by SMDC Apart

Exceptional Design of Glade Residences

Glade Residences isn’t just good-looking buildings; it’s a carefully crafted home. The design isn’t just for show; it’s about making your daily life comfy and cozy. More than a mere residence, it’s a home that exudes an appealing aesthetic and provides a comfortable ambiance.

Perfect Location

Being in Jaro, Iloilo City isn’t random. It’s about having a peaceful home that’s also close to schools, stores, and everything you need daily. We are in the sweet spot between calmness and convenience.

Community-Centric Living

Glade Residences is more than buildings; it’s a friendly village. For example, the pool, event area, and other things are chosen to bring people together. It’s a place where neighbors become friends, making it feel like a family. Beyond being a location, it’s a residence where considerate concepts transform neighbors into friends.

Safety and Care at Glade Residences

Feeling safe and fixing things isn’t just a job here – it’s part of making our residence feel like home. So, security is about making sure you feel secure, and fixing things is about having a team that cares about making everything work well. It’s a safe and well-kept place where your comfort matters.

Future Improvements

Glade Residences isn’t just good now; it’s getting even better. Plans for the future are a promise to keep making it cooler. Whether it’s adding more cool stuff, green spots, or making things safer, Glade Residences is a promise to keep making your home even better.

Additional Benefits for Residents

Security Measures

Feel safe and sound with us. That is to say, our security isn’t just about cameras; it’s making sure you’re comfortable and secure. Well-lit paths and good surveillance mean you can relax, knowing we’ve got your safety covered.

Maintenance and Management

We’re here to make life easy. So, our fix-it team handles anything from leaks to keeping shared spaces tidy. Management isn’t just about rules; it’s about keeping everything working well, so you have more time to enjoy your home.

Future Developments or Expansions

Being part of us means we’re always making things better. Therefore, future plans are our promise to make your living even cooler. Whether it’s more fun spots, green ideas, or better services, Glade Residences is like a growing family, always looking to make tomorrow even better for you. Also, it’s not just a place; it’s a promise to keep making your home awesome.


In conclusion, Glade Residences by SMDC is not just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle that prioritizes your comfort and convenience. From the exceptional design that makes your home cozy to the thoughtful amenities fostering a sense of community, every detail is crafted with your well-being in mind. The strategic location provides a peaceful retreat while keeping the essentials within reach, and the commitment to security, maintenance, and future improvements ensures that we are not just a residence but a promise to continually enhance your living experience.

Choosing Glade Residences means more than finding a home; it’s embracing a community where your safety is a priority, your surroundings are well-maintained, and the future holds exciting possibilities. More than merely a dwelling, it signifies a dedication to enhancing each day for you and establishing a space where you genuinely sense a homely atmosphere. Welcome to Glade Residences – where living isn’t just about the present but an ongoing journey of comfort, community, and continuous improvement.


Q1: How is Glade Residences different from other places to live?

A1: Glade Residences stands out for its cozy design, thoughtful amenities, and strategic location, creating a unique living experience that goes beyond just having a place to stay.

Q2: What security measures are in place at Glade Residences?

A2: Your safety is our priority. Therefore, Glade Residences ensures security with well-lit pathways, reliable surveillance, and a commitment to creating an environment where you can feel secure and relaxed in your home.

Q3: What does maintenance and management include at Glade Residences?

A3: Our maintenance team handles everything from fixing leaks to keeping shared spaces tidy. So, management focuses on making sure everything works well, giving you more time to enjoy the comfort of your home.

Q4: Can you tell me about future developments or expansions at Glade Residences?

A4: Glade Residences is committed to continuous improvement. Therefore, future plans include adding more recreational spaces, eco-friendly initiatives, and expanding community services, ensuring a dynamic and enhanced living experience for residents.

Q5: How does Glade Residences foster a sense of community?

A5: Through carefully chosen amenities like pools and event areas, we encourages a community-centric lifestyle. So, it’s not just a place to live; it’s a home where thoughtful ideas turn neighbors into friends, creating a sense of belonging.


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