Grace Residences


200k+ spot to move-in /mo.


Cayetano Boulevard, Brgy Ususan, Taguig City

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License: HLURB LTS No. 29326


Grace Residences allows you to escape into your very own area of quiet. Banish stress by nesting away from it all, yet still be close to the Bonifacio Global City and Makati Central Business District. Enjoy the convenience of staying within proximity of the top schools, hospitals, malls and other institutions that enable you to live the conveniences of modern life. Cherish time with family as you unwind in a verdant setting of more than a hectare of open greens, giving you plenty of room for leisure and play.


  • Swimming Pools
  • Basketball Court
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Lawn Areas
  • Pavilion
  • Gym (at Tower A Deck)
  • Function Room (at Tower A Deck)


  • 2 Elevators for Tower A; 4 Elevators Each for Towers B, C & D
  • Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System
  • Standby Generator Set for Common Areas & Select Unit Outlets
  • Mailroom
  • Garbage Disposal Area on Every Floor
  • Commercial Area at the Ground Floor of Tower A


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Grace Residences
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Discover Blissful Living at Grace Residences by SMDC
Grace Residences

Nestled amidst the urban pulse yet cocooned in tranquility, Grace Residences by SMDC emerges as a distinct haven for those seeking the perfect blend of modern living and serene escape. Grace Residences, more than just a residence, offers a refuge from the daily grind, strategically situated near the Bonifacio Global City and Makati Central Business District. As we embark on this journey, let’s delve into the allure of our residence, where the conveniences of city life harmoniously coexist with the calming embrace of open greens and top-notch amenities. That is to say, this is not merely a residential space; it’s an invitation to embrace a lifestyle defined by leisure, community, and the essence of home. So, join us as we explore the unique charm that Grace Residences brings to the tapestry of urban living.

Description of Grace Residences

Where We Are and How to Get There

Imagine a place that’s not just easy to find but also tucked away from the city buzz. That’s our residence—a home strategically placed for accessibility without sacrificing the peace you crave. Therefore, it’s like having the best of both worlds, where the journey home is as pleasant as the destination.

Being Super Close to BGC and Makati CBD

Okay, so we are practically neighbors with two major job hubs: Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and Makati Central Business District (CBD). This means less time commuting and more time enjoying the exciting stuff around. For instance, your workplace, trendy spots, and cultural experiences are all within easy reach, making life a whole lot more convenient.

Stress-Free Living? Absolutely

Grace Residences is all about keeping it zen. For example, picture this: greenery all around, peaceful vibes, and thoughtful planning that makes everything easy. Every inch is designed to help you unwind and relax, like your personal oasis in the middle of the city. So, it’s the kind of place where you leave stress at the door.

Close to Good Stuff like Schools and Hospitals

Living here means you’re close to the important stuff. Top-notch schools? Check. Reliable hospitals? Check. Shopping malls for your daily needs? Double-check. Grace Residences puts you right where you need to be, making life not just convenient but also comfortable.

To clarify, we aren’t just a place; it’s a lifestyle that balances the hustle of the city with the calm of a cozy home. And the best part? All your necessities are conveniently located in close proximity.

Amenities That Make Life Awesome at Grace Residences

Swimming Pools: Cool Hangout Spot

Imagine dipping into our cool swimming pools on a hot day – it’s not just about swimming but creating a chill spot for everyone. Therefore, it’s where you relax and chat with neighbors, turning it into a mini oasis right here in Grace Residences.

Basketball Court: Let’s Play Together

Grab your sneakers because our basketball court is more than just a place to shoot hoops. It’s about staying active and having fun. So, you’ll find neighbors for a friendly game, making exercise feel more like a party and less like a workout.

Children’s Play Area: Fun Spaces for Little Ones

Our play areas are like secret hideouts for kids – safe and filled with joy. Also, it’s not just play; it’s a family thing. Moms and dads can chill knowing their little adventurers are having a blast in a safe space.

Lawn Areas: Green Spaces to Enjoy

Walk into our big grassy areas – they’re not just lawns, but places to have picnics or do some yoga. Therefore, it’s like having a piece of nature right outside your door, making us feel peaceful and calm.

Pavilion: Cool Spot for Events

Our stylish pavilion is where the party happens. In other words, it’s not just for events; it’s the place where memories are made. From birthdays to get-togethers, it’s the chic backdrop that makes every occasion feel special.

Gym (at Tower A Deck): Get Fit, Stay Happy

Our gym at Tower A Deck isn’t just a workout spot; it’s where you keep your body happy. Also, it’s about being healthy without it feeling like a big deal. Easy access to exercise equipment means you can stay fit without breaking a sweat.

Function Room (at Tower A Deck): Celebrate Moments with Style

Our function room is like the coolest party venue. It’s not just for special occasions; it’s where your moments become unforgettable memories. For instance, birthdays, meetings, or just a get-together – it’s a space that fits every event.

To sum up, at Grace Residences, we’re not just about places; we’re about experiences that make life awesome. Each amenity is like a little upgrade to your everyday life, making your time here feel more like home.

Features That Make Life Better at Grace Residences

Elevators: Fast and Always Ready

Our elevators are like speedy friends – not just for going up and down, but for getting you there fast. No more waiting around; these elevators are quick, so you can spend more time enjoying your home.

Safety Measures: Keeping You Safe

To clarify, safety is our top priority, and our Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System acts as a vigilant guardian, ensuring the well-being of everyone at our residence. It’s not just about loud alarms; it’s about making sure you and your family always feel safe. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

Standby Generator Set: Power When You Need It

Forget worrying about power cuts – our standby generator set is your reliable ally for uninterrupted electricity, ensuring your needs are met seamlessly with us. Therefore, it’s not just about keeping the lights on; it covers common areas and even some outlets, making sure your daily routine goes on without a hitch.

Mailroom: Your Personal Connection Hub

For example, think of our mailroom as your helpful buddy – it’s not just about receiving letters; it’s about staying effortlessly connected. Convenient mail services make sure you’re always in the loop, whether they are bills or notes from friends.

Garbage Disposal Area: Trash Day Made Easy

Say goodbye to long walks with trash bags – our garbage disposal areas on every floor are like your cleanup crew. So, it’s not just about keeping things clean; it’s about making your life simpler. Taking out the trash has never been this easy.

Commercial Area: Everything at Your Fingertips

Need something quick? Our ground-floor commercial area is like your mini-mall. That is to say, it’s not just about convenience; it’s about bringing essential services closer to home. So from groceries to your morning coffee, everything you need is just around the corner.

At Grace Residences, these features aren’t just extras; they’re the everyday helpers that make your life better. Whether it’s a quick elevator ride or a reliable power supply, we’ve got you covered, ensuring your home is not just a space but a place where life is a little more effortless.

The Human Touch: Making Homes Feel Just Right at Grace Residences

Spaces That Feel Like You: Your Home, Your Way

To clarify, Grace Residences isn’t about just building houses; it’s about making spaces that get you. Our design is like tailoring a homey hug for your place. Also, it’s not just about walls and floors; it’s about creating a comfy and cozy spot that fits your style and feels just right.

More Than Neighbors – We’re Like Family

Living here is more than having people next door; it’s like being part of a big family. Therefore, our community isn’t just a bunch of houses; it’s a shared adventure where everyone plays a part. Feeling safe isn’t just about locks and gates; it’s about knowing your neighbors and feeling like you belong.

Joy isn’t just a word; it’s a way of living. Whether it’s fun gatherings in our cool event place or casual chats in our hangout spots, we’re all about creating happiness that goes beyond the usual. It’s in the smiles you share during walks and the laughter echoing in our play areas. We are more than just a place; it’s where hearts connect, and it feels like family.

At Grace Residences, the human touch means making spaces feel like home and turning neighbors into friends. It’s knowing that a house is more than just a building; it’s a living part of your story. So, come, join us in a community where the human touch isn’t just a feature – it’s the heart of our cozy home.

Lifestyle at Grace Residences

Daily Life at Grace Residences:

A Day in the Life

For instance, imagine waking up at our residence to the sounds of nature. Take a peaceful morning stroll or let your kids play in the safe and fun areas. Need something quick? No worries. The ground-floor shops got you covered. The gym and cool spots for recreation make it easy to stay healthy and relaxed every day.

Easy and Happy Days

Life at Grace Residences is all about making your day easy and happy. So, quick access to what you need and lovely outdoor spaces make every day here feel just right.

Hangouts and Fun: Grace Residences

Having a Good Time at Grace Residences

At Grace Residences, we love to have a good time. From weekend barbecues to fun celebrations in the stylish pavilion, there’s always something happening. In other words, you’ll naturally make friends and feel part of a community that cares.

Friends Everywhere at Grace Residences

Beyond planned events, you’ll find friends everywhere – at the basketball court, by the pools, and in shared spaces. Whether it’s a quick game or joining a hobby club, Grace Residences is where neighbors become friends.

Staying Fit and Well:

Keeping Healthy

That is to say, we want you to stay healthy with us. There’s a gym, fitness classes, and cool places to stay active. Dive into the pools or shoot some hoops – there’s always something fun to do.

Exploring Our Neighborhood at Grace Residences

Fun Nearby

Checking Out Cool Spots

Want some fun outside our residence? Sure thing. Head to Landmark Park for a relaxing day or catch a movie at City Cinemas. The community map in the lobby has all the details you need – it’s like your personal guide to the coolest places around.

Getting to Know Our Big Neighborhood

Living here is more than just having a home – it’s about being part of a lively neighborhood. Feel the artsy vibe at the Local Art Gallery or join events at City Events Center. Dive into history at the Historical Museum and connect with the bigger story around us. Exploring beyond our borders means diving deep into the whole neighborhood buzz.

Good Eats Around: Grace Residences

Trying Local Tastes

Get ready to explore delicious local eats. So, grab a cozy brunch at Local Café or enjoy tasty bites at Street Food Haven. Our community guide spills all the details on these fantastic places, so you can savor the best local flavors.

Food Adventures Await

Around Grace Residences, there’s a buffet of food options for you. From the welcoming Diner Delight to the exciting International Bites, you won’t have to go far for a food adventure. Grace Residences becomes not just your comfy home but also your pass to a world of tasty experiences – turning every meal into a celebration of our neighborhood’s delicious mix.


In conclusion, Grace Residences is more than just a collection of homes; it’s a vibrant community that prioritizes your comfort and happiness. So, from the convenience of daily routines to the lively social scene, every aspect is tailored to make your life here enjoyable and fulfilling. Choosing Grace Residences means not just acquiring a residence but becoming part of a warm, welcoming neighborhood where the essence of home is truly felt.

As you step into this community, envision a place where neighbors are friends, where events create lasting memories, and where the simple pleasures of life are celebrated. Grace Residences invites you to experience not just a residence but a lifestyle – one that embraces the human connection, values your well-being, and ensures that every day brings a sense of contentment and belonging.


Q1: How do I schedule a visit to Grace Residences?

A1: To visit Grace Residences, simply reach out to our friendly team through the SMDC website or give us a call. We’ll arrange a convenient time for you to explore the community and see what makes it special.

Q2: Are there fitness classes offered at Grace Residences, and how can I join?

A2: Yes, we offer a variety of fitness classes within the community. To join, simply check the community bulletin boards or visit the SMDC platform for the latest schedule. So, whether you’re into yoga, aerobics, or other fitness activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and stay active at Grace Residences.

Q3: What amenities are available for families with kids?

A3: Grace Residences is designed with families in mind. Therefore, kids can enjoy safe and enjoyable play areas within the community. Also, our expansive lawns provide space for outdoor activities, creating a family-centric environment.

Q4: How can I stay updated on community events?

A4: Stay in the loop by regularly checking the community bulletin boards located in common areas. You can also subscribe to our newsletters through the SMDC platform for timely updates on upcoming events, ensuring you never miss out on the fun.

Q5: What financing options are available for potential residents?

A5: We offer various financing options to make your dream home at Grace Residences a reality. Connect with our sales team or explore the financing section on the SMDC website to discover flexible plans that suit your budget and preferences.


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