Ice Tower Residential-Offices


31,000+ /month


Sunrise Drive, corner EDSA Extension, MOA Pasay City

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License: DHSUD LTS 175


SMDC’s ICE Tower, a modern residential-office development that provides the luxury and comforts of a premium condominium development suited for the entrepreneurial lifestyle.


  • Fitness Hub
  • 6 Passenger Elevator
  • Sky Lounge
  • Social Hub
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Central Pool
  • Business Hub
  • High Density Telecoms
  • Pavillions


  • Studio Unit
  • 1 Bedroom Unit
  • 1 Bedroom End Unit
  • 1 Bedroom End Unit with Den
  • 2 Bedroom Unit


Ice Tower Residential Offices
Screenshot_20210706-184905_WPS Office
Screenshot_20210706-184721_WPS Office
Screenshot_20210706-184651_WPS Office

Exploring SMDC’s Ice Tower Residential Offices
Ice Tower: When your workplace is also your home - Property Report

Embrace a lifestyle where the realms of luxury living and efficient workspaces seamlessly intertwine with SMDC‘s masterpiece – Ice Tower Residential-Offices. As you step into the epitome of contemporary living, envision a space meticulously designed to cater to the dynamic needs of the modern entrepreneur.

Ice Tower stands as a testament to SMDC’s commitment to crafting a living experience that transcends the ordinary, offering a harmonious fusion of comfort, style, and productivity. So, let’s embark on a journey into the heart of this urban oasis, where every corner is an invitation to redefine your narrative within the walls of Ice Tower Residential-Offices. Discover a unique canvas where the entrepreneurial spirit finds its home, reimagining the way we live and work.

Description of Ice Tower Residential Offices: A Perfect Blend of Luxury Living and Workspaces

The Idea: Fancy Homes and Smart Offices Together

For instance, envision Ice Tower Residential-Offices as a place where your cozy home and efficient office seamlessly come together in harmony. That is to say, it’s not just about having them side by side; it’s about making them dance together in a way that feels fantastic. Imagine waking up in a place that’s not only a beautiful home but also a super cool office. Ice Tower is all about turning this imagination into reality, giving you the best of both worlds.

SMDC’s Promise: Your Lifestyle, Your Way

What’s awesome about Ice Tower is that it’s not just a building; it’s a promise from SMDC to make your life awesome. They get you – the modern hustler juggling work and life. In other words, Ice Tower is like a buddy that understands your needs, creating a space where you can smoothly go from chilling at home to rocking it at work. SMDC is like your lifestyle genie, granting your wish for a home that suits your fast-paced life.

Smart Design for a Cool Experience

So now, let’s talk about the design stuff. That is to say, Ice Tower isn’t just pretty; it’s smartly designed to make your life easier. The inside is like a puzzle where every piece fits just right. Your home becomes your happy place, and your shared spaces are like cool hangout spots. Even the outside looks amazing, adding a touch of class to the city skyline. It’s like living in a place where every little detail is thought of, making your life not just good but pretty great.

Amenities: Making Your Life Extra Awesome at Ice Tower Residential Offices

Checking Out the Cool Stuff You Get

So, let’s dive into all the awesome stuff waiting for you at Ice Tower Residential-Offices. Every little thing is there to make your life not just comfy but also incredibly cool. These amenities aren’t just extras; they’re like the secret sauce that takes your everyday living to a whole new level.

Fitness Hub: Where Being Healthy is Super Easy at Ice Tower Residential Offices

For example, imagine having your own cool spot to stay healthy without any fuss.

The Fitness Hub at Ice Tower is precisely that: a convenient space for maintaining and achieving your health and fitness objectives. So, forget about boring workouts; here, you’ll find everything you need to make staying healthy a breeze.

6 Passenger Elevator: Your Quick and Safe Ride Up

Say goodbye to waiting around for the elevator. Ice Tower’s 6 Passenger Elevator is like your personal lift, making sure you get to where you want to go fast and safe. So, no more squeezing in or long waits – just a quick ride to your floor without any hassles.

Sky Lounge: Your Peaceful Getaway in the Sky

After a busy day, wouldn’t it be nice to unwind somewhere peaceful? That’s exactly what the Sky Lounge offers – a chill space high above the city where you can relax and enjoy the view. It’s like your personal sanctuary for those moments when you just want to kick back and take it easy.

Social Hub: Making Friends and Having Fun at Ice Tower Residential Offices

Life at Ice Tower is not just about your place; it’s about being part of a crew. Therefore, the Social Hub is like the cool hangout where you can meet your neighbors and make new friends. From casual hangouts to fun community events, it’s the spot where you become a part of something awesome.

CCTV Cameras: Keeping You Safe and Sound at Ice Tower Residential Offices

Safety matters at Ice Tower, and the CCTV Cameras play a big role in that. With these high-tech cameras around, you can be sure that your home is a safe zone. Therefore, it’s not just about living here; it’s about living here with peace of mind.

Central Pool: Your Oasis in the City

When you need a break from the hustle and bustle, head to the Central Pool. It’s not just a regular pool; it’s like a mini-vacation within your own place. Whether you’re swimming or just catching some sun, it’s the perfect spot to relax and recharge.

Business Hub: Your Productive Workspace at Ice Tower Residential Offices

For those who love getting things done, the Business Hub at Ice Tower is a game-changer. It’s an unconventional workspace tailored for a seamless work experience, blending modern tools and a professional atmosphere to eliminate typical office challenges

High-Density Telecoms: Super Fast Internet for Your Fast Life

In a world where being connected is a big deal, Ice Tower has got you covered with High-Density Telecoms. In other words, it’s like having super-fast internet ready for whatever you’re up to – working, streaming, or just staying in the loop. Ice Tower knows life moves fast, and they’re keeping you ahead of the game.

Pavilions: Cool Outdoor Spaces for Hanging Out

Step outside and enjoy the Pavilions at Ice Tower. These outdoor spots aren’t just there; they’re made for you to have a good time. Whether you’re having a BBQ with friends or finding a quiet spot to chill, the Pavilions are your go-to outdoor spots for making awesome memories.

Unit Options: Find Your Perfect Home Sweet Home at Ice Tower Residential Offices

Overview of the Different Homes You Can Pick

So, let’s take a peek at the cool living spaces Ice Tower Residential-Offices has for you. There’s something for everyone – from snug spots to roomy family homes. Ice Tower has made sure there’s a place that suits your style and fits your life just right.

Studio Unit: Your Tiny Yet Handy Space

Imagine a cozy spot that’s small but super practical – that’s the Studio Unit at Ice Tower. It’s not just about being compact; it’s about turning every nook into a cool and useful space. For instance, picture having all you need right there, making it a comfy spot where simple meets handy.

1 Bedroom Unit: Fancy Living That Also Makes Sense

Step into the 1 Bedroom Unit at Ice Tower – a place where luxury and practicality come together in a cool dance. It’s your taste of high-class living without giving up on everyday usefulness. Therefore, this spot is made for those who want a bit more room without losing the perks of a sweet home.

1 Bedroom End Unit: Quiet Living with Extra Privacy

So, if you’re all about peace and having your own space, the 1 Bedroom End Unit is your cozy corner. Tucked away at the end of the building, it’s not just a home; it’s your personal hideaway in the buzz of Ice Tower.

1 Bedroom End Unit with Den: Versatile Living and a Bit of Fancy

Give your home a boost with the 1 Bedroom End Unit that comes with a den. That is to say, this extra space is like your own creative zone – a place to make your home a bit more special. Whether it’s a home office, a chill corner, or a reading nook, this unit is all about being flexible for your lifestyle.

2 Bedroom Unit: Roomy Homes for Families or Anyone Wanting Extra Space

For families or those who want a bit more elbow room, the 2 Bedroom Unit at Ice Tower is spot on. To clarify, there’s enough space for everyone to have their comfy nook. From family hangouts to quiet alone time, this unit is for those who want a home that fits different styles and needs.

At Ice Tower, every home is more than just a place to live; it’s like a canvas where you can create your own lifestyle. Whether you like it snug or spacious, there’s a perfect match waiting for you in Ice Tower Residential-Offices.

Why Ice Tower Residential Offices? Because It’s Your Lifestyle Playground

Switching from Home to Work Without a Hitch

Ever dreamt of a place where going from your cozy bed to a productive work mode is a breeze? That’s Ice Tower Residential-Offices for you. So, picture waking up, doing your morning routine, and smoothly moving into a workspace that’s all about boosting your productivity. In other words, it’s not just about living and working in the same spot; it’s about making the transition super easy, creating a lifestyle where home and office happily coexist.

Make Your Mark: Your Home, Your Rules

What makes Ice Tower special isn’t just the cool living spaces; it’s the chance for you to make your mark. That is to say, it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal – it’s a community where your ideas matter. From suggesting awesome community events to influencing how shared spaces look, living at Ice Tower means you get to shape your environment. Therefore, it’s not just a place to live; it’s a team effort where residents play a big part in making the community vibrant.

Ice Tower Residential Offices, Isn’t Just a Building; It’s Your Story Canvas

Ice Tower is more than just walls and floors; it’s like a canvas waiting for you to paint your stories. So, each home is a chapter, and every shared space is a stage where your stories unfold. Ice Tower isn’t just a place to stay; it’s where you get to show off who you are. Whether it’s the design of your spot, joining in on community fun, or making memories with neighbors, Ice Tower is a living album of different stories waiting to be shared. It’s not just a building; it’s your personal playground where you can make your stories come to life.

In essence, opting for Ice Tower Residential-Offices is more than securing living space; it’s immersing in a lifestyle that effortlessly integrates living, working, community, and personal storytelling. More than just a residence, it extends a welcoming offer to craft a vibrant living experience.


In concluding our exploration of Ice Tower Residential-Offices, we invite you to embark on a journey where your space becomes your story. That is to say, Ice Tower isn’t just a place to live; it’s a canvas waiting for your personal touch, a playground where your lifestyle comes to life.

From the seamless transition between home and workspace to the array of amenities catering to your every need. Ice Tower is designed to be more than a residence; it’s a lifestyle tailored just for you. As you customize your living space, turning a house into a home, and embrace the vibrant community, Ice Tower becomes not just a building but a living narrative, with each resident contributing to the unique tale that is Ice Tower Residential-Offices.

So, whether you’re seeking a cozy Studio Unit or a spacious 2 Bedroom Unit, envision your life at Ice Tower as a chapter waiting to be written. It’s about more than finding a home; it’s about creating a lifestyle where your choices matter, your stories unfold, and every day is an opportunity to make Ice Tower truly yours. Your journey at Ice Tower is an invitation to live, work, and thrive in a space where your story is not just heard but celebrated. Welcome home to Ice Tower Residential-Offices – where your space is your story, and the adventure awaits.


  • What customization options are available at Ice Tower Residential-Offices?

A: At Ice Tower, you have the freedom to make your space uniquely yours. So choose your paint colors, arrange furniture to your liking, and personalize lighting fixtures. The options are diverse, ensuring that your living space reflects your individual style and preferences.

  • How can I add personal touches to transform my house into a home at Ice Tower?

A: Adding personal touches is a breeze. For instance, consider family photos, cozy throws, and quirky decor. Ice Tower encourages residents to make their living spaces warm and inviting. Explore diverse DIY projects and draw inspiration from a lively community, offering myriad avenues to transform your house into a personal sanctuary.

  • What amenities does Ice Tower offer for year-round living?

A: Ice Tower’s amenities cater to all seasons. Enjoy community events aligned with different times of the year and relish seasonal features within the complex. Ice Tower guarantees year-round community engagement by providing residents with ample opportunities to embrace each season and connect with neighbors.

  • How can I contribute to shaping the future of Ice Tower Residential-Offices?

A: Your input matters. Ice Tower is a dynamic community where residents play a vital role in its ongoing evolution. Share your ideas and suggestions for future enhancements. Be an active participant, and together, let’s shape the exciting future of Ice Tower.

  • What sustainable practices are integrated into Ice Tower’s design?

A: Ice Tower is committed to green living. Discover energy-efficient technologies, waste management initiatives, and lush green spaces within the complex. Ice Tower aims to provide an eco-friendly environment where residents can enjoy sustainable living practices effortlessly.


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