Jazz Residences


350,000+ to move-in. Monthly starts at P24k+


Jupiter Street, Corner Nicanor Garcia St. Bel-Air Village Makati City

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License: HLURB LTS No. 25701


A perfect area to live for foodies and home chefs is the SMDC Jazz Residences in Makati’s Reposo District, which is surrounded by some of the city’s greatest restaurants and convenient to supermarkets. The Reposo District in Makati is renowned for its charming and intimate restaurants and upscale designer stores for the home. In this peculiar environment, SMDC has placed Jazz Residences, a four-tower vertical building with its own Jazz Mall that is home to a Hypermart, a number of retail stores, and restaurants. As a resident of this niche community, you may take advantage of everything the area has to offer and much more.


  • Lounge and Main Lobbies
  • Swimming Pool
  • Clubhouse
  • Landscaped Garden
  • Function Rooms
  • Fitness Area


  • 4 Elevators Each for Towers A & C; 6 Elevators Each for Towers B & D
  • Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System
  • Standby Generator Set for Common Areas & Select Unit Outlets
  • Backup Power System
  • Mailroom
  • Jazz Mall at the Ground Floor
  • 24 Hour Security
  • CCTV System


SMDC Building Jazz Residences
SMDC Building
SMDC Jazz Residence Entrance
Building Entrance

Looking for vibrant and luxurious apartment living in Metro Manila? The Jazz Residences by SMDC condominium complex provides the ideal solution. Situated within Bel-Air Makati City, Jazz Residences by SMDC features convenient living with style in Bel-Air Makati City – making for the ideal lifestyle solution. Also, in this article we take a tour through Jazz Residences; exploring its key features, location details and all you should know about this outstanding property.

What Is Jazz Residences?

Jazz Residences is an extraordinary residential development situated in Makati City’s Reposo District – one of the most desired locales across Metro Manila. Conceived and constructed by SMDC (SM Development Corporation), one of the premier real estate firms, promises its residents an enjoyable lifestyle experience.

Epitomize the term, “location is everything”, thanks to their ideal positioning at Nicanor Garcia Street and Jupiter Street in Bel-Air Makati City, offering convenient access to Makati Central Business District, Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City, cultural hubs within Makati where dining options abound – never more conveniently close than when staying here! You are never more conveniently close than when staying here!

Jazz Mall, Your Shopping and Dining Destination

A hallmark feature of Jazz Residences is the Jazz Mall; an extension of your home where you can shop groceries, dine at top-of-the-line restaurants, and enjoy entertainment options all without leaving home! Thanks to Jazz Mall, that dream becomes possible; making life truly convenient while enriching living experiences!

Grand Lobby: A Grand Welcome

Jazz Residences’ grand lobby is truly something special. As soon as you step inside, an exquisite entrance sets the scene – not simply as an extra feature or distraction, but as a promise of grandeur that awaits.

Jazz Residences Offers Unit Options to Fit Any Lifestyle

Offer an assortment of unit choices designed to cater to different lifestyles, whether that means you need an affordable 1-bedroom unit for solo professionals, a growing family requiring 2-bedroom layout, or simply preferring spacious balcony views. Each unit is carefully crafted with comfort and elegance in mind so you’ll experience both style and coziness during your time here.

Ready for Occupancy: Move-In with Ease

Makes life easy: our ready-for-occupancy units allow for hassle-free moving in. Your new home awaits and waiting to add your personal touches – ready for occupancy units offer flexibility to move in at anytime without delay from construction delays!

SM Development Corporation: Building upon Quality

Accordingly, by choosing property developed by SM Development Corporation (SMDC), you are investing in their legacy of quality. Additionally, they are widely known for creating well-planned communities throughout Metro Manila.

Explore a Sample Floor Plan

To give you an idea of what awaits at Jazz Residences, let’s take a peek at a sample floor plan. Carefully planned its units with your comfort in mind and to maximize space usage and functionality. Finally, you will see this evident by each design’s efficient utilization of space.

Seamless Gutter Installation in Quezon City

Are You Thinking about Seamless Gutter Installation in Quezon City
Those living in Quezon City who are considering seamless gutter installation would make an intelligent move towards protecting their home against occasional heavy rainfalls. As seamless gutters have many benefits for residents there. Let’s examine why seamless gutters could benefit homeowners there.

Jazz Residences : Weather Resilience

Quezon City experiences a tropical monsoon climate with heavy rainfall during its wet season. Seamless gutters have been designed to efficiently channel this water away. Decreasing risks to your foundation and structure and helping ensure water doesn’t seep into it.

Reduce Maintenance

Quezon City’s lush vegetation can easily lead to leaves and debris becoming lodged in gutters. Necessitating frequent cleaning sessions for seamless gutters without integrated gutter guards. Seamless gutters fitted with guards may reduce these efforts considerably – saving both time and effort!

Enhance Aesthetics

Seamless gutters add a sleek, unobtrusive appearance that complements any architectural style found within Quezon City homes. Adding to their curb appeal and elevating overall curb appeal.

Installing Seamless Gutters at SMDC Jazz Residences

At SMDC Jazz Residences in Makati, seamless gutters can add considerable value. Seamless gutters make an invaluable contribution to this community and here is why:

Effective Rainwater Management

At SMDC Jazz Residences, efficient rainwater management is essential in order to prevent water damage and preserve the overall condition of properties. Also, seamless gutters work effectively at channeling rainwater away from structures to minimize moisture-related problems and help ensure smooth functioning.

Jazz Residences : Minimal Disruption

Installation of seamless gutters at condo complexes such as SMDC can take place swiftly and with minimum disruption. Accommodating to each property’s particular requirements while minimizing inconvenience to its residents. We tailor every installation process according to its individual requirements. This way, seamless gutter installations become part of everyday living while protecting residents against water infiltration!

Customization Options

Custom seamless gutters to match the aesthetics of any property are our specialty. Whether that means matching colors or selecting sizes. Seamless gutters have great potential to elevate SMDC Jazz Residences by seamlessly complementing its overall appearance.


Jazz Residences by SMDC represents more than just an address; it represents an experience. Boasting prime locations, luxurious amenities and quality construction methods, delivers an outstanding urban living experience to young professionals, growing families or those simply searching for city living – there’s something here for everyone at Jazz Residences – don’t wait any longer; experience luxurious living today at Jazz Residences!


What are the advantages of living at Jazz Residences?

In Makati City, residents enjoy living at an ideal location close to shopping, dining and entertainment options – not forgetting experiencing all that Jazz Mall can provide right at their doorstep!

Can I purchase an apartment with a balcony?

Yes! Jazz Residences provides units with balconies to give residents plenty of outdoor space and city views to admire.

Are Jazz Residences ready for occupancy?

Yes! Jazz Residences provides ready-for-occupancy units so that you can move in immediately.

What sets SMDC apart from other developers?

SM Development Corporation is known for their dedication and excellence in real estate development. Their track record speaks for itself – they have successfully created well-planned, highly desirable communities within Metro Manila.

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