Light 2 Residences


26,000+ /month


EDSA corner Madison St., Mandaluyong City

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License: HLURB LTS No. 035119


Illuminate your life at Light 2 Residences by SMDC. Located at EDSA corner Madison St., Mandaluyong City, this exceptional residential development offers modern living spaces and a vibrant lifestyle. Light 2 Residences is the perfect place to thrive, offering a dynamic and energetic atmosphere for residents to flourish. Discover more about this remarkable property by clicking the link and embark on a journey towards a bright and fulfilling future at Light 2 Residences.


  • Adult Pool
  • Kiddie Pools
  • Lobby
  • Amenities Lounge
  • Function Rooms
  • Fitness Gym
  • Childrens Play Area
  • Jogging Path


  • Swimming Pool
  • Excercise Zone
  • Basketball Practice Area
  • Covered Kids Adventure Zone
  • Function Lounges
  • Seating Lounges
  • Central Lawn
  • Seating Alcoves
  • The Light House
  • Train Connection
  • Commercial Center


Light 2 Residences Dressed Up Function Room
Light 2 Residences Facade_Day
Light 2 Residences Fitness Gym
Light 2 Residences Play Area
Light 2 Residences Pool Amenity Area
Light 2 Residences Pool Amenity Area (2)
Light Mall 2 Facade_Light 2 Residences

Welcome to Light 2 Residences: Where Urban Living Shines Bright

Light 2 Residences

Imagine living where modern urban living meets vibrant city life – that is the essence of Light 2 Residences by SMDC.

Also, an impressive residential complex located in Mandaluyong City with direct links to major business districts and top amenities.

Giving residents an ideal combination of metropolitan living with comfort-infused respite in their very own haven.

Deliberately Selecting Mandaluyong as an Ideal Strategic Location

Light 2 Residences’ Madison St. location in Mandaluyong City provides direct access to Pasay City and Quezon City. This hub’s proximity to EDSA-Boni MRT Station ensures seamless transportation across various destinations, simplifying your commute.

Your Safe Haven in Mandaluyong City

Light Two Residence provides urban comfort through stylishly-designed units tailored to every lifestyle imaginable.

Also, studio apartments featuring balconies that showcase panoramic city views to 1-bedroom units that allow complete relaxation. Their combined unit offerings enable even further customization so you can build the home of your dreams!

Offers Unrivaled Amenities

Light 2 Residences, relaxation, and leisure take center stage

Residents can unwind under the warmth of the sun’s warmth while spending weekends lounging poolside with family, friends, or neighbors.

Also, the adult pool provides residents with a much-needed sanctuary from work or school stressors. Its well-equipped gym gives active lifestylers an outlet to stay healthy without ever leaving home!

Exploring Mandaluyong Beyond Four Walls

Mandaluyong City is brimming with iconic landmarks and vibrant destinations. Making your ideal gateway to the lively Mall of Asia complex. 

From entertainment and shopping to dining and cultural experiences, the city offers a wealth of opportunities. 

Immerse yourself in its cultural scene, absorb the energy of business districts, and create cherished memories in every direction.

Light 2 Residences Combined Units

Combined unit offerings go one step beyond customization with their flexible customization features.

Spaces tailored specifically to meet all their needs and preferences – such as an office, extra bedroom, or dedicated entertainment area. Light Two Residences allows its residents to design living spaces to reflect their lifestyle needs with each combined unit offering.

Imagine living in a studio apartment connected with an attached 1-bedroom unit that makes hosting guests without invading too much of your privacy.

 Transform an open concept unit to fit various occasions – at Light Two Residence.

Our combined units make creating your ideal living space straightforward and within your grasp!

Dive into Fun With Pools for Adults and Kids Pools

The outstanding pool area at Light 2 Residences is one of the company’s hallmarks. It offers both adults and children a place to relax or play together in pools that are designed for either.

Adults can relax next to an adult pool as the sun shines overhead, enjoying moments of serenity amidst playful fun at its center. Kids will have their fun-filled zone just waiting to create unforgettable family memories at its edges.

Connectivity and Accessibility at EDSA-Boni MRT Station

Light 2 Residences’ prime location is further enhanced by their direct link with EDSA-Boni MRT Station. Providing reliable transport links that take you directly to key destinations throughout Manila. Also, they have business meetings in central business districts or leisure hubs like the Mall of Asia complex. Making travel simple and efficient.

Revolutionizing Urban Living with SMDC’s Vision

Unfortunately for many who need or would like a place of their own to rest and recuperate after traveling long distances for business or pleasure purposes.

Empowering Lifestyles

SMDC’s goal goes far beyond building structures; rather it entails enriching lives and strengthening communities. Light Two Residences epitomizes this ideal, by giving residents more than a place they call home; rather, its designs elevate the quality of life through thoughtful designs in strategic locations that reinvent urban living experiences.

SMDC continues its pioneering of modern urban living experiences throughout Canada by producing well-planned developments. Also, designs at their heart redefine urban experiences for residents living there.

Arts and Culture in an Interactive Tapestry

Mandaluyong City offers more than its share of urban excitement; its cultural landscape adds layers to its identity. Take time to explore Mandaluyong’s artistic soul. From local art galleries, theater performances, and Light Two Residences’ ideal central location.

Green Oasis of Light 2 Residence Gardens

Unfortunately for you, not everything that shines is gold… so here we go again, this time with more news of an imminent crash.

Light 2 Residences brings nature back into an urban landscape through the introduction of pockets of greenery that promote peace and serenity.

Their beautifully maintained gardens provide residents with a peaceful respite where they can reconnect with nature.

Imagine strolls among lush foliage or finding solace amid blooming flowers while appreciating green spaces!

Sky High Living: Sky Lounge and Viewing Deck

Light 2 Residences provides an elevated experience through their Sky Lounge and Viewing Deck on higher floors, which offer stunning panoramic city skyline views for relaxation or socialization purposes. Perfect for quiet evenings reading a book alone or hosting gatherings of friends – Light 2 Residences’ Sky Lounge and Viewing Deck add sophistication and refinement to urban living!

Mandaluyong Culinary Delights Guide | H2 Tag

Mandaluyong City is an idyllic culinary getaway for foodies, offering an amazing range of delectable culinary treats sure to meet every craving and palate. From local staples such as chicken adobo to internationally inspired meals such as sushi and ceviche – Mandaluyong’s dining scene provides visitors with unforgettable culinary journeys just waiting to be experienced – Light 2 Residences’ strategic location ensures they can enjoy delightful dining experiences close by!

The Legacy of EDSA-Mandaluyong

At a Historic Crossroads are Light 2 Residences

Light 2 Residences stands as a modern tribute to this area’s legacy while honoring its long and rich past – living here will allow you to become part of its everlasting story! The iconic EDSA-Mandaluyong area holds an integral place in Philippine history and culture, featuring compelling tales of courage, resilience, and change which still resonate with people today. Light Two Residences serves as a modern testimony of this legacy while paying homage to its long and colorful past – come be part of its everlasting tale!

Cultivating Memorable Experiences at Light 2 Residences

Light 2 Residences provides the ideal setting to embrace life’s possibilities, with a convenient location and innovative amenities, to create lasting memories and celebrate milestones with leisurely weekends or make connections in our vibrant community dedicated to well-being – much more than simply housing! Light 2 Residences serves more than simply accommodation; memories are formed, dreams become realities and urban living truly comes to life here!

Experience Mandaluyong’s Festive Spirit

Festivals and Celebrations

Mandaluyong City is well known for hosting exciting festivals and celebrations that bring residents together with joyous camaraderie, from colorful parades to cultural events that showcase its vibrant spirit and rich heritage – Light 2 Residences puts you right in the middle of all this action so that you can fully immerse yourself into the local culture while forging long-lasting bonds between neighbors!

Balancing Work and Play at Two Residences’ Study Areas

Light 2 Residences Offers an Ideal Work/Study Space

Light 2 Residences’ study areas offer residents an ideal place for concentration and productivity – whether for work or study purposes – in a quiet atmosphere that promotes personal goals like finding a balance between work and play; whether students or professionals alike will discover here their sanctuary of concentration!

Wellness and Rejuvenation at Light 2 Residences’ Spa

Light 2 Residences takes your health and well-being seriously by offering an exclusive spa area designed to relieve tension with massage therapy services, facial treatments, or body rejuvenation services right in the comfort of your own home! Take time out from daily life with massage, facial, or body treatments right from within your residence for true rejuvenation!

Unveiling Neighborhood Secrets

Discover Mandaluyong’s Hidden Gems

Mandaluyong, like any city, contains numerous hidden treasures to discover. Also, Light Two Residences’ ideal location makes it simple for residents to locate these magical spots which bring character and become integral parts of community life.

Light 2 Residences for A Sustainable Future

Sustainability and innovation go hand-in-hand

Light 2 Residences by SMDC emphasizes innovation and sustainability through features like energy-saving features to eco-friendly initiatives to lower its environmental footprint while enriching residents’ lives. By including Light Two Residences as part of your urban lifestyle investment portfolio you are helping make tomorrow greener!

Welcome to Your Urban Oasis

Search Light 2 Residences Now

Light 2 Residences’ prime location, cutting-edge amenities, and commitment to community make it the ideal urban sanctuary. Here, connecting with like-minded individuals or simply unwinding within your own home are among many advantages you’ll discover at Light Two Residences; make this haven in Mandaluyong City your own! Venture on new adventures today by calling Light 2 Residences home!

Enhancing urban living through SMDC Residences.

Light 2 Residences : Home and Lifestyle Accessories

 Residences by SMDC epitomize modern urban living, embodying their legacy of excellence and commitment to innovation as one of Singapore’s premier property developers.

In addition, through developments like Light 2 Residences, Residences by SMDC continues to redefine home by crafting living spaces which inspire, delight, and elevate lifestyles.

SMDC: Rely On This Brand for Peace of Mind

Innovation Leader in Property Development

When it comes to property development, SMDC stands as a respected name. Their track record speaks for itself. Also, outstanding projects tailored specifically for customer needs make up every successful SMDC development project – offering reliability, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

With every completed development project completed successfully by them! SMDC ensures your money will always remain safe with them! Invest in investment property today – they guarantee it!

Examining the SMDC Condo Experience

Discover an Entire Universe

An SMDC condo experience goes far beyond owning a unit – it’s about immersing yourself in an endless world. From strategic locations and innovative design to top amenities that combine modern comforts with city living – an SMDC condominium provides something truly different when it comes to urban living. Take the plunge today into this dynamic form of urban life!

Exploring Light 2 Residences at an SMDC Condominium; It Is Truly Beautiful

Light 2 Residences stands as an exemplary SMDC condominium that elevates urban living thanks to its prime location. Also, combined unit offerings, and a comprehensive array of amenities. Experience all three: convenience, comfort, and community are abundant here!

Light 2 Residences Are Exemplars of SMDC Excellence

Light 2 Residences stands as a testament to SMDC’s extraordinary dedication and innovation in property development, from its breathtaking architecture and thoughtful amenities. Also, experience their dedication and talent as property developers by visiting Light Two Residences today.

Light 2 Residences Ignite the Heart of Mandaluyong City

Light 2 Residences stands as an inspiring beacon in Mandaluyong City’s bustling center, strategically placed along Madison St. This outstanding development blends urban convenience with modern comfort for optimal living experiences for residents residing within this extraordinary development. Also, Come experience Light Two Residences for yourself now – join them and witness it bring both cities living their bustle together in harmony into a wonderful living environment!

Seamlessly Connect Quezon City and Pasay City

Light 2 Residences provides residents with seamless connectivity to two vibrant cities nearby: Quezon City and Pasay. Discovering both regions’ cultural offerings while Pasay’s entertainment opportunities are now within easy reach – Light Two Residences truly serves as the perfect central vantage point from which to experience urban living’s full scope and diversity!

Revealing the Legacy of SMDC Light 2 Residences

Mandaluyong Is Home to an Affordable Treasure

SMDC Light Residences, an iconic condo complex situated at the center of Mandaluyong City, has earned wide acclaim due to its exceptional design and innovative offerings. As proof of SMDC’s dedication to excellence and innovation, this multi-awarded development stands as an icon in EDSA-Mandaluyong; changing its skyline while setting new standards in urban living.

Mandaluyong Condo That Defines Luxury

Elegance and Comfort go together

 Experience luxury and comfort at its best with an SMDC Light Residences condo unit, expertly crafted to create a harmonious balance of elegant aesthetics and modern amenities – creating an extravagant lifestyle in Mandaluyong that epitomizes sophisticated living. Discover its true essence.

Edsa Mandaluyong Is A Thriving Hub

Unlinking the City

 SMDC Light Residences boast a prime location along EDSA-Mandaluyong, giving residents direct access to the lively energy of Manila. Also, thanks to direct connectivity with Boni MRT station and easy access via public transit navigating Metro Manila is made simple for work and leisure alike. Making EDSA-Mandaluyong an effective hub connecting major business districts, entertainment venues, and cultural landmarks easily.

Award-Winning Excellence of SMDC Light 2 Residences

Recognizing Brilliance of its own

 SMDC Light Residences have earned a sterling reputation for excellence, earning numerous coveted awards for architectural innovation, design, and contribution to urban development. Also, these accolades stand as testaments of SMDC’s dedication to producing world-class properties which enrich lives and elevate communities alike.

Light 2 Residences Facilities and Amenities that Enrich Lives

Life Comfort and Convenience Solutions

SMDC Light Residences boasts an expansive list of facilities and amenities designed to elevate every aspect of life. Also, from beautifully landscaped gardens to fully equipped fitness centers, swimming pools, recreational areas, and much more.

Also, take pleasure in experiencing life enhanced by this development’s carefully thought-out facilities and amenities! Experience life enhanced by these thoughtfully planned amenities at SMDC Light Residences.

Light 2 Residences : Studio with Balcony for Urban Sanctuary

Enhance Your Studio Living Environment

Light 2 Residences’ studio units with balconies offer the ideal blend of urban sophistication and comfort, serving more than simply as living space – they serve as a sanctuary where you can unwind, soak up city views, reflect, take coffee breaks or just simply unwind in peace and privacy! No matter if it’s relaxing in your private space or gazing upon city lights – your studio with a balcony becomes part of your sanctuary.

At its heart lies an attempt at socialism – which includes all its dangers – with which to confront itself head-on

 Explore Madison Street Madison Street serves more than an address; it provides access to some of the greatest offerings Mandaluyong City has to offer. Also, from delectable cuisine served up at local eateries to charming boutiques offering unique finds just waiting to be discovered on Madison St. However, with Light Two Residences as your starting point, embark on your exploration journey and immerse yourself in all that Mandaluyong has to offer!

Light 2 Residences : Crafting Urban Lifestyle

An Orchestra of Architecture and Comfort

Light 2 Residences is more than a condominium; it’s an architectural masterpiece designed to combine architectural grandeur with modern comfort.

As evidenced by meticulous design and craftwork, Light Two Residences serves as evidence that planning has resulted in an environment. Also, that satisfies aesthetic and functional demands – from stylish studio apartments with balconies to numerous amenities and services offered. Light Two Residences stands as a testament to SMDC’s craft of urban living at its best in Light Two Residence.

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Light 2 Residences by SMDC stands as an icon of modern urban living

Offering easy access to central business districts and premier amenities. Also, Light Two Residences opens doors for dynamic city living.

Thanks to its vibrant surroundings, iconic landmarks, and a lifestyle that seamlessly marries comfort with convenience – truly makes Light Two Residences more than a residence.


Light 2 Residences provides personalized living spaces and top-of-the-line amenities designed to address every aspect of health. Well-being, offering combined unit offerings tailored to both personalized living spaces as well as top amenities to address every facet of life.

Enjoy panoramic views from Sky Lounge while unwinding beside pools – every moment at Light Two Residence shows SMDC’s dedication to excellence!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are Light 2 Residences situated?

Light Two Residences can be found along Madison St. in Mandaluyong City and provide quick and convenient access to central business districts.

Are all types of units offered at Light 2 Residences?

Yes. Light Two Residences provides various kinds of units designed to fulfill each customer’s specific requirements.

Can Light 2 Residences connect to major business districts?

A3: Light Two Residences are conveniently situated adjacent to EDSA-Boni MRT Station. Also, living residents have direct access to key business districts and destinations within Manila.

Which amenities does Light 2 Residences provide?

Light Two Residences feature world-class amenities for adults to relax by the pool while keeping active in an impressive gym.

Does Light 2 Residences accurately capture modern urban life?

Yes, Light two Residences provide residents with modern comforts in an idyllic urban location while still offering all of the conveniences associated with home. Here, they’ll experience both an active urban lifestyle and peaceful respite living here.

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