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Brgy. Pampang, Angeles City, Pampanga

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License: DHSUD REGION 3 TLS-2022-002


Embrace the present and elevate your lifestyle at Now Residences by SMDC. Located in Brgy. Pampanga, Angeles City, Pampanga, this remarkable residential development offers modern living spaces and an array of amenities that cater to your every need. Experience the vibrant energy of the present moment while enjoying the comfort and convenience of a thoughtfully designed home. Now Residences is the perfect place to live in the now and create lasting memories.


  • Adult Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Playground
  • Covered Basketball Court
  • Clubhouse
  • Pavilion
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Linear Parks
  • Grand Lobby
  • Commercial Strip


  • Studio Unit
  • Studio End Unit
  • 1 Bedroom Unit


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Screenshot_20220726-143513_WPS Office
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Welcome to Now Residences: Your Gateway to Modern Living in Angeles City, Pampanga

Now Residences

Now Residences of Angeles City in Pampanga welcomes you to modern living! Here, you are assured of modern lifestyle in Angeles City and Pampanga.

Are you on a search for your perfect home in Angeles City, Pampanga?

Now Residences by SMDC might just have what you are searching for! In this blog post we take an exciting tour through Now Residences which features affordable houses and condos at very reasonable rates as well as outstanding amenities located right at its core of Angeles City.

What Is Now Residences?

SMDC offers exceptional living experiences to families and individuals in Angeles City, Pampanga. Also, designed with your comfort in mind, features everything necessary for an effortless daily routine and convenient lifestyle experience.

Additionally, Now Residences provides an assortment of housing solutions at an unbeatably reasonable cost, from spacious houses for families to cozy condominium units – providing something suitable for everyone at this special address. Finally, Let’s uncover the distinguishing features of this establishment.

Now Residences Your Dream Home Awaits

Understanding the significance of affordability in today’s housing market and has created an array of house and lot options tailored specifically for budget requirements, from cozy starter homes to spacious family residences – something is sure to fit!

In addition, Now Residences Offers Attractive Condo Units For those who enjoy condo living, Now Residences has studio and one-bedroom units available that maximize space and comfort. Also, perfect for singles, couples or small families alike.

Now Residences Studio End Units

Now Residences stands out for its studio end units that provide ample space and offer privacy and functionality, ideal for creating your cozy oasis. Also, with these studio units you have complete flexibility in designing the ideal living environment to suit you and create the homey nook you crave! Now Residences Prime Location

Enjoys an ideal setting in Angeles City, Pampanga. Situated along Poinsettia Avenue, everything that is important is within close range – such as schools and amenities.

Additionally, SM City offers all that shopping, dining and entertainment needs are covered easily within reach of this location. Clark International Airport also makes travel more efficient while Angeles University puts quality education within reach for students as well as professionals alike.

Now Residences, Commercial Strip

Provides access to an abundance of shops and services at your fingertips, along with exceptional amenities that enhance the living experience – here are just a few:

Exceptional Amenities

Swim and relax by the pool on hot summer days – it’s sure to help cool you off while staying cool in style.

Kiddie Pool

Give little ones plenty of splashy fun without endangering themselves in an unsafe environment.

Outdoor Gym

Keep fit outdoors using fitness equipment designed specifically to work the whole body.

Covered Basketball Court

Grab some friends for an unscheduled friendly basketball match day or night

Linear Parks

Enjoy leisurely walks or picnicking among beautifully landscaped parks for leisurely strolling or restful picnicking experiences.

Completion Date

Are You Anticipating the Move-in Date or Completion Date by SMDC? Don’t fret–they have you covered and remain updated about when to expect delivery of their dream home in Angeles City. Stay abreast of their progress so as to start living your new chapter successfully!

Celebrate Modern Living This November | Sustainable Modern Development Consortium

At SMDC, our focus is to enhance your living experience and Now Residences is evidence of that commitment. Here we believe in building communities where families thrive while individuals find fulfillment as individuals flourish as individuals.

Now Residences: Your Step toward Modern Living

Now Residences stands as an icon of contemporary living in Angeles City, Pampanga. Also, here we explore more what sets Now Residences apart including affordable options available and its closeness to Clark International Airport.

Now Residences Offer Affordable House options

Now Residences’ hallmark attraction lies in its extensive collection of affordable houses. Furthermore, no matter your lifestyle and budget requirements, Now Residences ensures there’s something suitable to call your own in vibrant Angeles city center.

Lifestyle of Comfortability

Clark International Airport is nearby.

Are You an Avid Traveler Who Values Accessibility? Now Residences’ closeness to Clark International Airport makes them ideal for frequent flyers looking for convenience when booking their flights, making Now Residences an attractive choice for jet-setting lifestyles.

Live in the Heart of Angeles City

Discover Angeles City

Angeles City in Pampanga offers a diverse blend of culture and history to explore, with many exciting experiences right on its doorstep such as shopping at SM City Mall – not to mention dining and entertainment options galore – just moments from Now Residences’ location! Explore Angeles City at your own pace knowing your comfortable yet affordable home awaits nearby.

Modern Living Experience,

Commitment to Excellence from SMDC

Now Residence stands as an epitome of SMDC’s dedication to crafting remarkable living experiences for its residents. Also, paying meticulous attention to every detail and quality, they guarantee residents enjoy lifestyles which meet their aspirations – and this commitment extends even to Now Residence, where every element has been designed with your daily life in mind.

Outdoor Fitness and recreation.

Outdoor Gym and Linear Parks.

Now Residences makes staying active easy by offering outdoor gyms and linear parks for residents to use jogging, yoga and simply breathing fresh air – perfect spaces to stay healthy and fit while taking advantage of. Also, staying healthy has never been simpler!

Expand Your Social Circle

Now Residences offer affordable community living!

Now Residence is more than a place to call home; it’s an integral community where friends and connections are fostered. From its covered basketball court and kiddie pool to community events such as our free gym membership programs and special event nights out on campus – Now Residence truly lives up to its name as an active community!

Experience Now Residences today

Date and Area Meterage Details

Be well informed regarding Now Residences completion dates and available square meters when making such an important decision as purchasing your dream home at Now. Understanding when and what space your ideal unit will arrive is imperative when making such a significant choice.

Find Your Ideal Residence Now Residences

Now Residences by SMDC offers much more than simply housing; it is also a destination for modern living in Angeles City, Pampanga. Also, from affordable houses and stylish condominium units to strong communities – Now Residences has all of it and a commitment to excellence that puts its prime location near Clark International Airport at its forefront, making Now Residences an excellent place for you to start the next chapter in your journey.

Now Residences Offer Modern Amenities

Now Residences goes beyond providing an address – it enhances lifestyle with modern amenities that enrich daily living. Moreover, let’s explore all that makes Now Residences truly remarkable.

Experience Swimming by Jumping Right In

Now Residences offer Swimming Pool Services

Swimming pool is more than a mere pool; it provides the ultimate place for relaxation and fun! Perfect for taking refreshing dips during those scorching hot days or simply lounging by its edge, families and individuals alike will revel in having this amenity right at their doorsteps!

Fun in the Sun with Kiddie Pool Fun

Now Residences, Kiddie Pool for Young Ones

Understanding that, providing safe and enjoyable areas for young children to splash, splash and play can make life much simpler for parents while simultaneously giving kids their aquatic adventure time! A separate pool area ensures children can explore aquatic adventures safely while their parents relax nearby.

Staying Fit Outdoor Gym

Fitness Enthusiasts (Outdoor Gym for Fitness Enthusiasts)

Are You Passionate About Being Active And Maintaining a Healthier Lifestyle? Now Residences Outdoor Gym Will Not Let You Down If so, this outdoor gym will become one of your go-to spots! With access to this well-appointed outdoor gym exercise becomes enjoyable rather than mundane!

Friendly Competition: Covered Basketball Court

Covered Basketball Court Designed to Attract Sports Enthusiasts

Now Residences’ covered basketball court offers sports enthusiasts and those looking for friendly competition an amazing amenity that always ensures sports and recreation is within their grasp. Also, shoot hoops with friends or play an intense game; with this amenity on-site you are never far from sports and recreation!

Experience Nature at Linear Parks

Linear Parks for Leisurely Strolls

Now Residences embraces green living through its linear parks. These serene outdoor spaces provide ideal spots for strolls, picnics and just enjoying nature – while still remaining within their community. As well as, residents can experience all its serenity without leaving home!

Your New Home at Now Residences: An Inside Perspective

Explore what makes Now Residences such an appealing choice for you and your family by learning more about its different units, modern living concepts and promise of an active community right outside your door.

Unit Selection Options Available to Choose the Ideal Space Solution

Discover Your Ideal Studio, One-Bedroom or Multiple Residence Options Now Residences offers an assortment of unit types designed to fit different lifestyles – from cozy studio units to expansive one-bedroom condos – so there’s sure to be one perfect for you. Discover your options and imagine Now Residences becoming home.

Design and Functionality: Studio End Units

Studio End Units: Combine Privacy and Practicality

Studio end units at Now Residences provide privacy and flexibility, making them the ideal living spaces for individuals or couples seeking compact yet functional living arrangements. Experience this innovative combination of design and practicality!

Square Meterage Provides A Feel Of Space

Understanding Square Meterage

Recognizing the square meterage of your future home is vital. Knowing it allows you to plan the interior design, furniture arrangement and living space efficiently. Get acquainted with Now Residences’ available square meterage options so that you may locate one suitable to you.

Community Living: Going Beyond Your Front Door

Discover The Lifestyle at Now Residences

Now Residences offers more than simply apartments; it offers a lifestyle. Discover what it means to become part of this thriving community where friendships form easily, social events are shared widely, and memories made that will last a lifetime.

Your Move-In Date

Your Moving Day Is Coming Closer and You are almost there

Completion date marks an exciting step along your journey towards living at Now Residences. Stay informed on its development, and start counting down until it will finally open its door for the first time!

Outdoor Spaces: More Than just a Gym

Revamp of Outdoor Gym and Park Facilities Revisited

Take a closer look at Now Residences outdoor gym and linear parks and witness first-hand their many advantages – outdoor exercise can bring many health advantages while green spaces contribute to overall well-being for residents of Now Residences.

A Thriving Community: Neighbors at Zeal Residences

Neighboring Zeal Residences

Zeal Residences, another neighboring community, adds vibrancy and diversity to Now Residences and Zeal Residences communities alike. Get to know who your potential future neighbors might be as you explore how Together they form an engaging and inclusive neighborhood!

Now Residences: Your Lifestyle Oasis

Now Residences offers more than just housing; it provides an entirely different lifestyle experience. In this section, we’ll examine different elements of Now Residences lifestyle including affordability and outdoor living experiences as well as accessibility.

Affordable Quality Achieved Together

Affordable houses and condos available now

Now Residences understands the value of both affordability and quality in housing options, enabling you to enjoy both in one affordable home. Discover all its details so you can experience both options – for an enjoyable living experience within budget!

Explore The Great Outdoors For Fresh Air And Pleasure

Now Residences gives residents the chance to fully embrace outdoor living, from an outdoor gym and linear park space, through linear parks and swimming pool facilities and adding nature into everyday routines.

Location Advantages in Angeles City and Pampanga

Living in Angeles City, Pampanga can be both thrilling and fulfilling; explore more of its culture by starting here with Now Residences as your launchpad to experience all that this vibrant city offers!

Convenience Redefined, Access and Connectivity Explored.

Now Residences’ excellent location ensures you can reach everything from schools and schools of education, shopping malls, transportation hubs and transportation hubs with ease. Take advantage of all that Now Residences can provide! Take pleasure in discovering its convenience for yourself.

Now Residences Igniting Connections

Prioritizing the community first, Discover how its development encourages a sense of belonging among neighbors who become friends over time, enriching everyday experiences through shared experiences.

Committing to Excellence

Discover Why SMDC Is Renowned For Quality

Discover why the legacy of SMDC Real Estate Group stands as the cornerstone of quality, reliability and innovation within the real estate sector. Learn what values underpin Now Residences as one of today’s leading properties for modern living.

Modern Living’s Next Step in Success

Now Residences Offers an Eye into Modern Living

Looking ahead, Now Residences gives an eye into modern living – how it aligns with your goals and sets up for an exciting life journey that matches up perfectly with what’s been on your wishlist for so long. Discover whether now Residences aligns perfectly with you – the future awaits.

Discovering Angeles, Pampanga

For instance, Now Residences residents will get to experience all that Angeles City, Pampanga has to offer through its vibrant culture, history and attractions. An opportunity that comes alive at Now Residences. Also, here, we take a deeper dive into why Now Residences residents would call Angeles, Pampanga home!

Angeles Pampanga: Unearthing the Rich History of Angeles Pampanga

Angeles, Pampanga boasts an illustrious past influenced by various cultures including Spanish and American colonial periods. Also, discover its heritage at Holy Rosary Parish Church or Museo Ning Angeles which offer insight into this city’s past.

Angeles Cuisine: Food Lovers’ Paradise

Foodies will find bliss in Angeles, Pampanga. Known for its delectable Kapampangan cuisine that features dishes like sisig and bringhe. Also, food enthusiasts can sample these flavors by dining at local eateries and restaurants.

Cultural Festivals in Angeles Angeles City is well known for its vibrant festivals that honor its heritage and celebrate cultural traditions. Also, one such vibrant fiesta, Fiestang Kuliat, stands as an evidence of this city’s lively spirit. Experience joyous celebrations like these today!

Shopping and Entertainment Hub in Angeles

SM City Angeles, located near Now Residences, offers an exceptional shopping and entertainment destination with an assortment of stores, dining options and entertainment venues nearby.

Education Hub for Angeles University. A Center of Learning.

Angeles University, conveniently situated near Now Residences, is an esteemed institution of higher learning that can offer quality instruction to both students and professionals alike. Also, being close by provides many advantages.

Living in Angeles City

Living in Angeles City provides the ideal blend of urban convenience and tranquility. Also, offering easy access to amenities, educational institutions and entertainment – everything is within your grasp!

Now Residences Are not the Only Living Option in Angeles

Not exclusively, residences in Angeles City provide comfortable yet vibrant living experiences. So here we will examine their broader array and what makes Angeles such an appealing location for residents. Also, seeking comfortable yet lively living environments.

Now Residences in Angeles Offer Variety and Options To Suit Any Need

Angeles City boasts an expansive variety of residential options beyond Now Residences. Discover modern condos, spacious houses or something in between when exploring this vibrant city’s various types of abodes available here.

Angeles Is A City Of Growth

Home Buyers Will Benefit From Angeles’s Thriving Real Estate Market

Angeles City is experiencing rapid expansion of its real estate industry, making it a prime place to invest in property. Explore why so many individuals and families are drawn to this city looking for homes.

Now Residences at the Center of Angeles

Discover other residential developments located within Angeles and explore their amenities, access. Also, lifestyle benefits that these communities provide to residents.

What Attracts Residents to Angeles Residences

Explore what makes Angeles City attractive as an urban environment and explore why people choose it as their residence. From employment opportunities to cultural attractions – as a home.

Finding Your Ideal Residence

With numerous residence options in Angeles City to select from, it is essential that your unique requirements and preferences be taken into consideration when making this important decision. Learn the factors to keep in mind when finding an appropriate living arrangement that matches up perfectly with your lifestyle needs and preferences.

Living Community Living in Angeles

Angeles offers more than physical space. Also, its residents work together to form vibrant and supportive neighborhoods, all making life in Angeles that much richer.

Exploring Angeles, Now Residences and Beyond living and Thriving

Life beyond your doorstep

Explore Angeles is full of attractions, events and experiences to add meaning and enrichment to everyday living. Also, learn all there is to offer here in Angeles if living here becomes part of your experience.


Now Residences by SMDC offers modern living in Angeles City with affordable houses and stylish condo units that come complete with exceptional amenities at an ideal location. Don’t miss your chance at becoming part of this dynamic community where your dream lifestyle awaits – visit SMDC today to gain more knowledge and start the road toward a brighter future in Angeles City!


What types of units are offered at Now Residences?

Featuring affordable houses, studio units, one-bedroom condos and studio end units to meet different lifestyle needs and preferences.

Where is Now Residences Located?

Now Residences is conveniently situated along Poinsettia Avenue in Angeles City, Pampanga – close to SM City, Clark International Airport, Angeles University and commercial strips – close enough for easy accessibility and offering all amenities needed for comfortable living.

What is the completion date of Now Residences? 

When can it be expected that all these features will come online?. Offering amenities like swimming pools, kiddie pools, outdoor gym, covered basketball court and linear parks that will enhance your living experience.

Are There Affordable Options at Now Residences? 

SMDC remains committed to meeting its promise of building your ideal home within your desired timelines and at SMDC there are housing solutions suitable for every budget ranging from starter homes through luxury properties.

Yes, This establishment offers a variety of affordable housing and land options tailored to suit a wide range of budgets.

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