Park Residences


19,000+ /mo. (pre-selling) P196k+ Spot for RFO


Brgy. Tagpo, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna

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License: HLURB LTS No. 33875


Experience the perfect blend of nature and urban living at Park Residences by SMDC. Situated in Brgy. Tagpo, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna, this exceptional residential development offers a serene retreat amidst lush greenery while providing convenient access to the vibrant cityscape. Park Residences is the ideal place to create cherished memories and find solace amid a bustling city.


  • Swimming pools
  • Grand Lobbies
  • Playground
  • Lounge Deck
  • Lawn Area
  • Gazebo


  • Gate and Guardhouse
  • Basketball Court
  • Professional Property Management Service
  • Walking Trail
  • Meditation Lawn
  • Clubhouse


Park Residences Dressed Up Function Room
Park Residences Lift Lobby
Park Residences_Central Park View
Park Residences-Amenity Pool
Park Residences-Amenity- PlayGround
Park Residences-Facade Eyelevel-July 2018

Embracing Modern Living at Park Residences by SMDC
Construction Update - Park Residences - April 2020 | Manila Condos by SMDC

Park Residences is a special place by SMDC, located in Brgy. Tagpo, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna. This is more than just a group of buildings where people live, it’s a place designed for a modern and comfortable life. Imagine living in a home that has everything you need. Beautiful rooms, fun places to play and relax, and even green spaces to enjoy the fresh air. Living in Brgy. Tagpo, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna, is like being in the perfect spot. So, this area is growing fast and has become an important place for businesses. It’s like a magnet for people looking for a good balance between work and fun. For instance, you’re close to everything you need. Shops, schools, hospitals, and places to enjoy your free time.

Choosing to live at our residences means you get to enjoy a mix of the best things. The homes here are made to look modern and feel cozy. In other words, they are spacious and you have lots of room for your things and to spend time with your family. So, the buildings are designed to be pleasing to the eye and are built in a way that’s good for our planet. It isn’t just about nice homes, it’s also about the people you share it with. It’s a place where neighbors become friends. There are gardens to walk in, playgrounds for kids, and areas where you can sit back, relax, and chat with others. Therefore, this isn’t just a place to stay, it’s a place to live a full and happy life.

The Vision of SMDC for Park Residences

Explore the dream behind Park Residences by SMDC, where the vision is to create more than just homes. It’s about crafting a living space where comfort meets modern elegance. SMDC envisioned a community that blends stylish design with practical living, ensuring every resident experiences the best of both worlds.

Concept and Design Philosophy

SMDC dreamed of making it a special place. They wanted to create homes where every day feels like a good day. The idea was simple, make homes that are not only nice to look at but also comfy to live in. They thought about how people use their homes and what makes them happy. This way, every part of it is designed to make life easier and more fun.

Unique Features of Park Residences

Park Residences is full of special things that make it different. Here, you’ll find homes with big windows that let you see the sky and feel the sunshine. Also, the buildings are friendly to the environment, too, with features that save energy and water. This shows that living in a beautiful home can also mean taking care of the earth.

A Extensive Guide to Living in Park Residences

Living in our residences offers a unique lifestyle, rich with amenities and community spirit. So, this guide will walk you through the daily life, showcasing the amenities, community features, and the vibrant lifestyle that residents enjoy. It’s a glimpse into a world where every day is filled with comfort, convenience, and a sense of belonging.

Residential Amenities

Living at our residences means having everything you need right where you live. For instance, there are pools for swimming, a gym for working out, and places for having a good time. If you like to have friends over, there are special rooms for parties and fun events.

Community and Lifestyle

At our residences, it’s all about being part of a friendly community. There’s lots of space for kids to play and make friends. Also, there are pretty gardens for walks and outdoor areas for fun activities. Here, a good lifestyle means enjoying every day, whether you’re at home or outside in the community.

Architectural Marvel of Park Residences

Discover the architectural beauty of it, a true marvel in modern construction. This segment delves into the aesthetic and innovative design principles that make our residences stand out. So, from the sleek lines of its structures to the advanced construction techniques used, our residence is a testament to SMDC’s commitment to excellence in architecture and design.

Architectural Design and Aesthetics

The buildings at our residences are really nice to look at. They have a modern style, with simple lines and pretty details. Above all, everything from the room layouts to the materials used, is chosen to make the homes look good and feel cozy.

Innovation in Construction

Building our residences wasn’t just about making it look good. SMDC used new ways of building to make sure the homes are strong and last a long time. They used high-quality materials and modern building methods. This shows that they care a lot about making homes that are not just beautiful, but also well-built and safe.

Facilities and Services at Park Residences

Park Residences is all about making life easy and enjoyable for you. It has everything from swimming pools to workout areas, and even helpful services to make your everyday tasks simpler. The idea is to create a place where living is fun and convenient for everyone.

Essential Services

Park Residences is all about making your life easier. Here, you’ll find everything you need without even having to leave the area. There’s always someone at the front desk to help you, whether it’s day or night. The place is always kept clean and in great shape by the maintenance team. And if you need something fixed in your home, there’s a team to take care of that too. For your daily needs, there’s a small store and a pharmacy right inside our residences, so you don’t have to go far for your essentials.

Recreational Facilities

There’s so much to do at our residences, you’ll never be bored. Want to cool off? Jump into the swimming pool. If you like staying active, there’s a gym with all the equipment you need and sports courts for games like basketball. For a quieter time, you can take a walk in the gardens or hang out in the clubhouse where community events happen. Therefore, these places are perfect for meeting your neighbors and making new friends.

Safety and Security at Park Residences

Your safety is really important. We have strong security in place so that you can feel safe and relaxed in your home. It’s all about providing a peaceful and worry-free living space for you and your family.

Security Measures

Feeling safe is important. The security team is on duty all day and night, watching over the place. Cameras are set up around the property to keep an eye on things, so you can feel safe all the time. Also, you need to pass through a security check, which means only people who live here and their guests can get in.

Safety Features

Besides keeping you safe from outsiders, we also take care of you inside. The buildings have fire alarms and extinguishers, just in case. If there’s an emergency, like a fire, there are clear signs showing you where to go to get out safely. The buildings are also built strong, so they’re safe even if there’s an earthquake. So, there are regular safety practices to make sure everyone knows what to do if something happens.

Green Living at Park Residences

Park Residences offers a lifestyle that’s good for the environment. Here, you save energy and water, and live surrounded by green spaces. It’s ideal for those who want to live in harmony with nature.

Sustainability Features

Park Residences takes care of the environment in many ways. Here, homes are built to use less electricity and water. For example, there are solar panels that use the sun’s energy, which helps cut down on electricity bills and is better for the planet. In the bathrooms and kitchens, there are special taps and showers that use less water. The materials used for building the homes are also chosen because they’re good for the environment. Living here means you’re part of a community that believes in being friendly to the earth.

Environmental Initiatives

In addition, it’s not just about the buildings being green, the whole community at our residences gets involved. There are programs for recycling to reduce waste. The gardens and parks around the homes are taken care of in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. So, these steps show that our residence isn’t just a place to live, it’s a place that cares about the future of our planet.

Investing in Park Residences your Smart Choice

Buying a home is a wise decision. As the area grows in popularity, your investment has a good chance of increasing in value, making it not just a home but a smart financial choice.

Market Trends and Value Appreciation

Buying a home at us is a smart move for your future. This area is becoming more popular, which means the value of homes here is likely to go up. More people are looking to live and work in Sta. Rosa City, so there’s a growing demand for nice homes. This makes buying a home here a good choice for the future because it could be worth more later on.

Investment Benefits

There are lots of good reasons to invest in our residences. First, you get a home in a place that lots of people want to live in. Then, there are all the great things about living here, like the green spaces and the facilities. These make the homes appealing, even if you’re thinking of renting them out. After that, with the reputation of SMDC for creating quality places to live, you can feel confident that your investment is safe and well looked after.


Park Residences by SMDC is a really special place to live. It’s not just about having a roof over your head, it’s about enjoying a modern and friendly community. The focus on being kind to the environment with green features makes it a place that cares about the future. The mix of handy services, fun places to play and relax, and strong security means that life here is easy, enjoyable, and safe. It’s great to know that living in it means you can have fun, feel secure, and also help the planet. 

Choosing to buy a home here is a wise decision. The area is becoming more popular, so it’s likely that the value of your home will go up over time. It’s not just a smart money move; it’s also about living in a quality place. It has beautiful buildings, a warm community vibe, and a big focus on green living. In short, if you pick our residences, you’re choosing more than just a home. You’re choosing a lifestyle that’s comfortable, full of fun, and good for the environment. Therefore, it’s a place where every day can be enjoyable, and you can feel good about where you live. 


What kinds of homes can I find at Park Residences?

At our residences, there are different types of apartments. You can find smaller one-bedroom homes or bigger ones if you need more space. There’s something for everyone, depending on what you’re looking for. 

Are there any parks or green areas inside Park Residences?

Yes, there are! we have lovely gardens and parks. These are great places to relax, have fun with your family, or just enjoy being outside. 

How safe is Park Residences?

Park Residences are very safe. We have security staff working all the time, cameras watching over the place, and controlled entry. So, this means only people who live here and their invited guests can get in. 

What kind of fun facilities are there at Park Residences?

There’s a lot to do here! For instance, we have a swimming pool, a gym for workouts, places to play sports, and a clubhouse where you can meet up with friends and neighbors. 

Is Park Residences eco-friendly?

Yes, it is. We use solar panels to save electricity and special taps and showers that use less water. We also chose building materials that are good for the environment. Also, we recycle and take care of our gardens in a way that’s kind to the earth. 

Is it a good idea to invest in a home at Park Residences?

Definitely. The area around it is getting more popular, so the homes here might increase in value. It’s a good place to live, and it could also be a great choice if you’re thinking about renting out your home. 

Are there schools and hospitals near Park Residences?

Yes, there are. We are close to several schools and hospitals, so it’s easy to get to them when you need to. 

What does Park Residences do to make a strong community?

We believe in bringing people together. There are clubhouses, gardens, and areas for events where everyone can meet, hang out, and join in community activities.

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