South 2 Residences


14,000+ /month


"Alabang-Zapote Road, Brgy. Almanza Uno, Las Pinas City"

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License: DHSUD Provisional LS No. 085


Discover the epitome of Southern living at South 2 Residences by SMDC. Situated in Alabang-Zapote Road, Brgy. Almanza Uno, Las Pinas City, this exceptional residential development offers modern living spaces and a range of amenities designed to enhance your lifestyle. South 2 Residences is the perfect place to embrace the warmth and charm of Southern living.


  • Adult and Kiddie Swimming Pools
  • Gated Community
  • Grand Lobby at Tower 1
  • Landscape Garden
  • Function Rooms
  • Playground


  • 1-Bedroom Unit
  • 1-Bedroom Unit with Balcony
  • 1-Bedroom End Unit with Balcony
  • 2-Bedroom Unit
  • 2-Bedroom End Unit with Balcony


South 2 Residences Pool Amenity (2)
South 2 Residences Pool Amenity
South Residences Dressed Up Function Room
South Residences Guard House
South Residences Reception Lobby Lounge Tower 1
South Residences Reception Lobby Tower 1
South 2 Residences

Are you ready for an unforgettable journey into an environment where comfort, convenience, and luxury come together seamlessly? Look no further than South 2 Residences by SMDC. In this article we’ll take a tour through this impressive development in Las Pinas City to demonstrate why. South 2 is an outstanding candidate as your next home!

Introduction to South 2 Residences.

South 2 Residences by SMDC stands as proof of their dedication to creating premium living spaces in Metro Manila. Situated within Las Pinas’ vibrant and growing environment. This residential development features modern design elements coupled with convenient location and amenities designed to fulfill any of your living needs.

SM Southmall Is Your Local Landmark

South 2 Residences’ closeness to SM Southmall makes for one of its greatest assets. Also, providing access to an endless supply of dining and entertainment choices anytime that strikes.

Spacious Homes Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Spaciousness reigns supreme. Whether it’s an intimate one-bedroom unit with its own balcony, or something larger with more living area. South 2 offers luxurious living spaces that cater to everyone’s preferences and offer the space they require for daily life.

Thoughtfully-Crafted Unit Layout Each of our units are carefully planned to maximize both space and functionality. iving you maximum enjoyment from living space. Also, one-bedroom unit with balcony seating provides comfort along with fresh airy living quarters.

Additionally, at South 2 Residences, our flexible housing option gives you the ability to combine units. This makes creating the living space that best meets your needs easy.perfect for growing families or anyone needing extra room!

Integration of Comfort and Convenience for Smooth Living Experience

South 2 Residences excels at seamlessly balancing comfort and convenience. No matter whether it be Makati City for work, Mall of Asia Complex for fun or cultural offerings of Quezon City. South 2 Residences’ convenient location provides quick and effortless access to major Metro Manila areas.

In addition, South 2 Residences’ prime locations nearby make getting anywhere easy. Just minutes from Alabang-Zapote Road, Muntinlupa City, Paranaque City and Pasay City can all be quickly reached while Mandaluyong and Pasig Cities also are readily accessible for an easier commute experience.

As the result, South 2 Residences sets the new standard in Las Pinas City luxury living. From entering its grand lobby to relaxing by its pool, South 2 offers unparalleled levels of luxuriousness that exceed all others.

Top-Notch Amenities

This development features top-of-the-line amenities, such as a swimming pool and expansive entertainment area, along with an efficient gym that enables active lifestyles without leaving home.

South 2 Residences and Their Neighbors

South 2 Residences is part of SMDC’s expanding development portfolio in Metro Manila. You may already know about other premium residences from their portfolio like Red Residences, Air Residences, Gold Residences and Bloom Residences which share similar commitments towards creating seamless fusion and premium living spaces.

Starting Now

South 2 Residences will not disappoint upon its debut! Unlike pre-selling developments, which often require lengthy waiting lists before occupancy can commence South 2 Residences is ready for occupancy right from its launch – meaning you can move straight in and begin enjoying life as an owner immediately!

The Grand Lobby: Your First Impression

Your journey begins in our grand lobby; an eye-catching introduction to premium living experience ahead. Crafted to leave an everlasting impression with its elegant decoration and inviting ambience; as soon as you enter, you will immediately feel at home knowing you have chosen a residence which prioritizes both your comfort and style.

Southmall Mall Is Your One Stop Shop and Entertainment Hub

SM Southmall, located a mere walking distance away from South 2 Residences, is more than a mall: it’s an essential lifestyle destination. From fashion trends and dining choices, to entertainment offerings and movie screenings – SM Southmall provides all that and more – adding quality of life in Las Pinas City!

Discover Metro Manila With an Easy Step-By-Step Approach

South 2 Residences’ strategic Alabang-Zapote Road location places them at the crossroads of Metro Manila. You have easy access to bustling cities such as Makati, Mandaluyong Pasig and Quezon City without long commute times – perfect for taking advantage of job opportunities, cultural attractions and vibrant city life!

South Residences: A Community of Excellence

South 2 Residences by SMDC forms part of its esteemed family of homes. Red, Air, Gold and Bloom Residences all share in common the promise to deliver superior living spaces throughout Metro Manila; when choosing South 2 Residences you become part of this legacy of excellence!

South 2 Residences Offer an Adaptable Unit Layout

Provides diverse unit layouts designed to suit different lifestyles, whether that’s young professionals looking for cozy one-bedroom units with balconies or families needing additional room – there’s bound to be one suitable. You’re bound to create an experience that feels truly like home!

Luxury and Convenience Blend Efficiencies to Produce Perfect Solutions

Provides more than just housing; it’s an experience designed to combine luxuriousness and convenience in every aspect. From spacious homes, close proximity to Southmall, Metro Manila’s major cities and other areas – everything about South 2 Residences has been created to enhance your quality of life and ensure its success.

Ready for Occupancy: Your Dream Home Awaits

Stands apart from many pre-selling developments by being ready for occupancy immediately upon closing – meaning your dream home could be yours in no time at all and starting experiencing premium living experience right now without fearing an uncertain wait time frame.

Discover The Allure of SMDC South Residences Condo

Are You Seeking Comfort and Convenience at Las Pinas City Residences? Look No Further. Also, it stands as an outstanding example of modern urban living!

SMDC South Residences Are Your Gateway to Luxury Living

As a result, it goes beyond providing residents a place to call home; it provides them with an upgraded lifestyle experience. Nestled within Almanza Uno in Las Pinas City. This condominium complex redefines luxury living by creating an exceptional community where comfort, accessibility, and style all co-exist beautifully.

Location Matters

For instance, one of SMDC South Residences’ prime advantages lies in its fantastic locale along Alabang-Zapote Road. Offering easy access to key areas within Metro Manila such as Makati, Pasig, Mandaluyong or Quezon City without hassle-filled commutes; plus it’s only steps from SM Southmall so all shopping and entertainment needs can easily be met nearby!

Advantage of Living at South Residences of SMDC South Residencies

What sets SMDC South Residences apart from other condos in Las Pinas City is its commitment to offering an outstanding living experience. Furthermore, here are some standout features which make this community such a top pick:

Luxurious Living Spaces

Step inside any of SMDC South Residences’ units and you will be welcomed by spacious yet well.Designed living areas that maximize space – the design maximizes every square inch for comfortable living. Whether that’s one bedroom units or larger dwellings, every square foot is used efficiently and to its maximum.

Promise of an Expanding Lobby Space

SMDC South Residences’ grand lobby makes an elegant first impression that sets the scene for luxuriousness that awaits within its complex. Every day, this beautifully designed space welcomes visitors home, leaving them with an impression of what awaits. Here you can gather with friends or unwind after an exhausting day in this serene retreat-like complex.

SMDC South Residences Offer a Condo That Suits Your Lifestyle

SMDC South Residences can meet a range of lifestyle and preference needs. No matter if you are an individual seeking stylish place to call home or a young professional. Looking to upgrade their life with families. There’s sure to be an apartment here suitable to your lifestyle and preferences; combine units to tailor it even further!

Flexible Unit Layout Solutions Provide an Advantage

Choose from various unit layouts, such as one-bedroom units with balconies that provide fresh air and stunning scenery views. They’re an ideal space for individuals or couples searching for cozy comfort in elegant settings.

Integrating Comfort and Convenience for Maximum Experience.

Living at SMDC South Residences means discovering an effortless combination of comfort and convenience. The central Metro Manila location makes you close to everything. while its amenities provide relaxation and entertainment right outside your door.

Investment Opportunities with SMDC South Residences.

If you are thinking of investing in Las Pinas City condos, SMDC South Residences should be top of mind. Not only is it an investment; but moreover it serves as your future home!

At SMDC South Residences, unlike pre-selling developments that require long waits before occupancy can begin. SMDC South Residences is already open and you can start enjoying your new home right away without waiting on uncertain construction timelines.

Growing Legacy

SMDC South Residences joins its predecessor developments Red Residences, Air Residences, Gold Residences and Bloom Residences. As part of the South Residences family of properties known for providing premium living spaces. Making SMDC South Residences an excellent investment choice.


South 2 Residences by SMDC provides premium living in Las Pinas City. Boasting spacious homes, convenient location and first-rate amenities that ensure both comfortable and exciting lifestyle options. Don’t miss this chance to experience this extraordinary blend of luxury and convenience offered at South 2 Residences!


Where are South 2 Residences Located?

South 2 Residences can be found in Las Pinas City – more specifically Almanza Uno.

Can you name some nearby landmarks near South 2 Residences?

Nearest landmark is SM Southmall, an iconic shopping and entertainment complex.

Can units in South 2 Residences be combined?

Yes! South 2 Residences provides you with the option to combine units for even greater living space.

Are South 2 Residences near major cities within Metro Manila?

Yes, its location near cities such as Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasig and Quezon City makes it easily accessible.

Are the South 2 Residences being pre-sold as part of an early sales development?

Yes. South 2 Residences will soon go under pre-selling to investors before being constructed as an ongoing project.

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