Twin Residences


15,000+ /month


Alabang-Zapote Road, Brgy. Talon Uno, Las Piñas City

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License: DSHUD PLS No. 181


Sophisticated, elegant, and metropolitan, you’ll find everything perfectly tailored to your lifestyle. Enjoy everything you need within easy reach having a home nestled between malls, supermarkets, major roads, and more!


  • Mirror Pools
  • ActivaTurf
  • Kid’s Zone
  • Jogging Path
  • Trellis Deck
  • Central Gazebo
  • Poolside Deck
  • Fitness Gym
  • Function Room


  • Studio Unit
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bedroom with Balcony
  • 1 Bedroom End Unit
  • 1 Bedroom End Unit with Balcony
  • 2 Bedroom End Unit with Balcony


Twin Residences

Twin Residences of Las Pinas: Find Your Ideal Dream Home Today

Are you searching for your ideal Las Pinas home in Metro Manila? SMDC Twin Residences located at Talon Uno Las Pinas City offers everything that a luxurious residential complex should, with vibrant yet comfortable lifestyle. So, we’ll highlight everything SMDC Twin Residences has to offer from remarkable features to convenient location. So, let’s go on an exploration journey together to see why Twin Residences will become your ultimate housing solution!

Moreover, are you searching for a home in Las Pinas, Metro Manila? SMDC Twin Residences may just be what you are searching for. Also, it is located right in Talon Uno of Las Pinas City as we take a close look. Also featuring vibrant amenities and convenient features alike, these residences makes an exceptional residential complex in which to settle. Read this article in detail as we go into depth about its benefits. You might just discover why Twin Residences should be your ideal new residence choice.

Location Is Key: Las Pinas Is at its Core

Twin Residences of Las Pinas City can be found along Alabang-Zapote Road in Brgy. Talon Uno. With close proximity to major roads and transportation hubs. Such as Southmall Mall and Alabang-Zapote Road, these residences provide city dwellers and commuters a prime location in Metro Manila for everyday living and commutes alike. So, it makes getting around easy.

At these residences, we recognize the significance of location when selecting your new home. At our community in Las Pinas’ heart, Twin Residences boasts an ideal balance between convenience and accessibility – something else our location excels at doing!

Las Pinas City Is an Engage Neighborhood of Modern Development

Undoubtedly, Las Pinas City, known for its diverse cultural offerings and vibrant lifestyle, provides the ideal setting for Twin Residences. So here, residents will have access to amenities, services and opportunities right outside their doorsteps.

Accessibility to Major Roads and Hubs

Twin Residences’ prime location along Alabang-Zapote Road in Brgy. Talon Uno ensures an accessible transportation network. So major roads are within close reach, and key transportation hubs like SM Southmall can easily be accessed – giving way to quicker commute times with more convenience! Also say goodbye to long commute times with ease of living here at Twin Residences!

Educational and Healthcare facilities

Education of your children should always come first and Twin Residences’ proximity to top quality educational institutions will guarantee they get an outstanding education. In addition, these residences boast top-class healthcare facilities offering peace of mind and access to medical services quickly if they ever become necessary.

Twin Residences Offer Exceptional Living Spaces

These residences provides an array of living spaces designed for exceptional living experiences, whether that means cozy studio, one bedroom end units, or units featuring balconies for enjoying views, we’ve got something that meets all your needs – be it cozy studio units, one-bedroom end units or units featuring spacious balconies that provide panoramic vistas – we have something perfect. Each of our units are thoughtfully constructed to maximize space and light for optimal living experience while creating comfortable environments to call home.

Your Journey Begins in the Grand Lobby of Twin Residences

Your journey starts when you enter these residences’ grand lobby; more than simply an entryway. So, it provides access to endless possibilities! Also, this well-appointed lobby sets the scene for stylish modern living experiences in its welcoming & luxurious ambiance.

Stay Active and Healthy

At these residences, it’s simple to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Access a state-of-the-art fitness gym within the complex for convenient fitness workouts that make staying fit easy! Reaching fitness goals has never been so effortless – staying healthy has never been so straightforward!

SMDC Twins Residences Are Your New Home

SMDC Twins Residences condo are more than just residential complexes – they’re places where life begins! Also conceived and constructed by the respected real estate developer SM Prime Holdings, which have earned themselves an exceptional reputation in providing luxurious yet practical properties to ensure high levels of quality and comfort are met in this premier real estate community.

Let’s delve deeper into what makes these residences truly standout.

Unveiling The Differences Between Twin Residences

At Twin Residences Las Pinas, you’ll discover an oasis of conveniences designed to complement modern life.

Convenience Meets Comfort

The Twin vine Residences development provides an exceptional combination of convenience and comfort. Everything about its well-planned unit layouts to its attractive common areas was carefully considered with one goal in mind: making life simpler and more pleasurable for you!

Twin Residences Go Beyond Living

Twin joy Residences provides more than just an excellent place to reside – they also boast an array of amenities you’ll be sure to take advantage of within their complex itself, such as function rooms, lounge areas and swimming pools that will leave you pampered and relaxed at all times! Don’t wait any longer; experience all they offer yourself now.

Security and Peace of Mind

Safety at these residences is of utmost importance, which is why 24/7 security personnel and reliable staff work tirelessly to make your home an unnervingly safe environment for both you and your loved ones.

Why Twin Residences Are an Appropriate Choice

Why choose these residences as your new home? Let’s break this down:

Furthermore, Twin grace Residences of Las Pinas City offer you convenient access to schools, hospitals, shopping centers and more – making this property truly ideal.

Reputable Construction

With SM development Prime Holdings at your side, you can trust in the quality and craftsmanship of your new home.

Amenities Galore

Your community offers you plenty of amenities for an abundance of fun activities to experience without leaving its comforts behind.

Peace of Mind

With 24/7 security and professional staff on-call to support you and enhance the enjoyment of your home to its maximum capacity, you can rest easy knowing you will experience nothing short of complete peace and enjoyment during every stay in it.

Variety of Units

From cozy studio units to one-bedroom end units, there’s sure to be one or more that meets the exact specifications of your lifestyle needs.

Your Dream Home Is Waiting

In summary, SMDC ice tower Twins Residences in Las Pinas offers more than just housing; it’s also an inviting community. From cozy studio units with balconies or one-bedroom end units – whatever type you require here there will surely be one perfect home waiting. In this vibrant neighborhood there’s everything from fitness gyms and grand lobby areas for entertainment as well as many amenities ranging from fitness clubs.

Also discover the Twin hope Residences difference first-hand and make your dream home come true. Gain more knowledge of these residences to take that important first step towards living the life you deserve – because you deserve it.


What Unit Options Exist at Twin Residences? 

At these residences, there’s something perfect to fit every lifestyle – studio units with balconies or one-bedroom end units for instance – perfect.

Are the Twin Residences conveniently situated?

Undoubtedly, these residences’ prime location along the Alabang-Zapote Road in Brgy. Talon Uno of Las Pinas City provides easy access to major roads and transportation hubs for an effortless daily commute.

What amenities can residents of Twin Residences access?

Yes! these residences provides an abundance of amenities, from fitness gym and function rooms to swimming pool access. So, giving residents plenty of ways to unwind without leaving home!

Are the Twin Residences safe places for my family and I to live?

These residences places great emphasis on security with 24/7 monitoring by professional security services and a dedicated staff dedicated to serving you, so that you may enjoy living there worry free.

Who invented Twin Residences?

Twin Residences was developed by SM development corporation Prime Holdings, an industry icon known for quality construction and outstanding development projects.

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